Core Principles Expert Roster

Lead Core Principles Experts

The goal of the Expert Training Strategy is to develop a roster of Lead Core Principles Experts versed in the IADI Core Principles and capable of evaluating compliance with the Core Principles.

IADI Lead Core Principles Experts are persons who have completed a progressive training program with workshops at differing levels of experience, covering the following stages:

  1. Core Principles Practitioners Workshop: in-depth discussion and analysis of each of the Core Principles and their essential criteria.
  1. Expert Training Working Group: virtual program of 12 sessions that focus on key aspects to look for when assessing compliance with the Core Principles.
  1. Core Principles Expert Workshop: workshop to prepare participants to assess compliance with the Core Principles via a simulation exercise of a SATAP review process. Once successfully completed, the participant will be considered a Core Principles Expert.
  1. SATAP Reviews: Core Principles Experts will be eligible to participate in SATAP reviews under the direction of a Lead Core Principles Expert. Core Principles Experts will be required to participate on at least two SATAP teams and be approved before leading one.

The Lead Core Principles Experts are professionals who have acquired a high level of understanding regarding the Core Principles by participating in multiple Self-Assessment Technical Assistance Program (SATAP) reviews and completing the first Expert Training Workshop organised by IADI in 2018. Individuals in this group may lead a SATAP review and participate in other assessment exercises carried out by IADI or another multilateral organisation. 

The current group of Lead Core Principles Experts includes:

  • Eugenia Alamillo, IADI Secretariat
  • Karen Gibbons, FSCS, United Kingdom
  • Juan Lopez, IADI Secretariat
  • Lucas Metzger, esisuisse, Switzerland
  • Tony Sinopole, FDIC, USA

Core Principles Experts

At this time, IADI is working on expanding the number of Lead Core Principles Experts. Individuals from IADI Member organizations are currently considered Core Principles Experts and some are already taking part in SATAP review processes to complete the practical experience necessary to be considered for the Lead Core Principles Expert roster.

To see the the full list of experts, please click here (login required). If you need further information regarding the Core Principles Experts, please contact Eugenia Alamillo, IADI Senior Training and Technical Assistance Advisor (STTAA).