IADI 2024 Work Priorities

The key priorities for IADI in 2024 year include both ongoing and new initiatives. They are informed by the report[1] published in December 2023 on the 2023 banking turmoil and the potential implications and emerging policy issues for deposit insurers, as well as by the IADI Strategic Goals and Objectives 2022-2026 as approved by the Annual General Meeting on 22 October 2021, which included the activities to enhance IADI’s governance to promote transparency and accountability, trust, and effective decision-making. 

Priorities include:

  1. Review of the IADI Core Principles of Effective Deposit Insurance Systems.

The review of the IADI Core Principles for Effective Deposit Insurance Systems (‘Core Principles’) and accompanying Handbook for the Assessment of Compliance is a centrepiece of the 2024 work programme. The IADI Core Principles were adopted in 2009 and have first been reviewed in 2014. This second review should reflect changes in deposit insurance system practices since the last review, as well as any lessons learnt from the 2023 banking turmoil. IADI aims to publish a consultation document by end-2024 to seek input from stakeholders and the broader public. IADI aims to complete the review and publish and updated version of the IADI Core Principles and Handbook in 2025.

  1. In-depth analysis of deposit insurance system design and financial safety-net coordination issues

IADI will prioritise research and analysis, as well as possible policy development, on coverage; funding and backstop arrangements; reimbursement; financial safety-net coordination and interaction with resolution; and impact of digitalisation (e.g., e-money). This work will inform the IADI Core Principles review. In addition, IADI will continue its work on financial cooperatives and Islamic deposit insurance through the dedicated Technical Committees.

  1. IADI Data collection on deposit insurance systems and policies

IADI will continue and further expand the annual collection of deposit insurance system data through the IADI Annual Survey. To simplify data usage and analysis, IADI will launch an upgrade of its visualisation tools for IADI data analysis (VIDA) accessible exclusively by IADI members. The improved tool will make time series data available. In addition, IADI will develop a data base with information on bank failures in IADI jurisdictions. Snapshots of the data collected will be published in the annual IADI Global Trends report in Q1 2024.

To assist IADI members in developing and enhancing their own systems IADI, will also build a repository of deposit insurance system policies from IADI members that includes relevant legal text, implementing regulations, handbooks, and other useful reference documents.

  1. Assessment, technical assistance and implementation work

IADI will continue to promote self-assessments of compliance with the IADI Core Principles among its Members with the various tools developed for this purpose. In addition, IADI will continue to provide assistance to verify these self-assessments via the Self-Assessment Technical Assistance Programme (SATAP) and in implementation of recommendations. IADI will also revisit the approach for benchmarking overall compliance with the IADI Core Principles amongst its membership.

  1. Training

After completion of its first Core Principles Expert Training Programme in 2022/23, IADI will review its training strategy in light of the experience to date. Following this review, IADI plans to launch a second Core Principles Expert Training Program in 2024/25. Successful participants who completed the training will be eligible to be listed in the roster of Lead Core Principles Experts versed in the IADI Core Principles and capable of evaluating compliance with the Core Principles. They may also be eligible to participate in Self-Assessment Technical Assistance Program (SATAP) reviews and to support IADI Core Principles reviews conducted by other IFIs, and support IADI training programs. 

In 2024, IADI will review its training programmes and strategies implemented over the past five years to determine how to better deliver high-quality capacity building programmes that promote an understanding of the IADI Core Principles and compliance with this standard among the IADI membership.

  1. Cooperation with other international bodies

IADI will continue its close cooperation and coordination with other international bodies and partners, including the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, the Financial Stability Board (FSB), International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the Financial Stability Institute of the Bank for International Settlements. As member of the FSB’s Resolution Steering Group and the Cross-border Bank Crisis Management Group, IADI will continue to engage with the FSB on issues at the interface of deposit insurance and resolution. Jointly with the FSI and IMF, IADI will conduct the annual “Bank Resolution Online Course”. In addition, jointly with the FSB and FSI, IADI will organise an international resolution conference in Q4 2024. 

  1. Regional activities

IADI’s eight Regional Committees plan to hold a series of workshops, conferences and training events in 2024. A focus will be on issues that are of particular relevance to the ongoing review of the IADI Core Principles.