Research Unit (RU)

The Research Unit (RU) serves as the hub for IADI's research and policy functions. It conducts research on key and emerging topics of interest for deposit insurers and works closely with international financial standard setters to promote the views and interests of the Association.

Bert Van Roosebeke leads the RU. Ryan Defina and Carole Lin complete the Unit.

Bert Van Roosebeke
Senior Policy and Research Advisor

Bert has been heading the IADI Secretariat RU since March 2021. He directs the Secretariat’s research and policy activities in the field of deposit insurance and financial stability, guidance and Core Principles (CPs).
+41 61 280 99 77

Ryan Defina
Senior Research Analyst & Administrator

Ryan leads the statistics and reporting function within IADI.  He is also a researcher, contributing to various IADI papers and policy briefs.  Ryan joined the IADI Secretariat in July 2018.  His background is in central banking and official statistics.
+41 61 280 99 11