How to Join IADI

IADI’s participants include deposit insurers, central banks, and not-for-profit national and international organisations with an interest in financial stability. Please see here for the current list of IADI Participants and here for their Statutes. 

We appreciate your interest in IADI and seriously hope you will consider joining the Association. It is a relatively easy process and only requires you to fill out the attached application and return it to the IADI Secretary General. The application process is quick and you will hear back from us promptly. 

If you are considering participation in IADI, please consider which of the four categories would be appropriate. The categories are described below along with the corresponding fee requirement.

If you have any questions regarding joining IADI, or any related matter, please contact Kim Peeters White, Deputy Secretary General at or  +41 61 280 99 33.

Profiles of the Association in 8 languages (English, Chinese, German, Russian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic) may be found here


Type IADI's Participants Annual Fees (in CHF)
Member Members are entities that, under law or agreements, have a deposit insurance system and have been approved for membership in the Association. Members also pay an Initial Fund Contribution of CHF 11,390, payable over two years. CHF 17,650

Associates are entities that do not fulfill all the criteria to be a Member, but are considering the establishment of a deposit insurance system, or are part of a financial safety net and have a direct interest in the effectiveness of a deposit insurance system.

CHF 13,240

Observers are interested parties that are not-for-profit entities which do not fulfill the criteria to be an Associate but have a direct interest in the effectiveness of deposit insurance systems; and may include international organizations, financial institutions and professional firms.

CHF 8,825

Partners are not-for-profit entities that enter into a cooperative arrangement with the Association in the pursuit and furtherance of the Objects of the Association.

No Fee