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IADI Podcast No. 7 - Deposit Insurance in South Africa
by Henrik Nel
30 January 2023

How is the deposit insurance framework being designed in South Africa? In this podcast, Bert Van Roosebeke (IADI Secretariat) is joined by Hendrik Nel (Corporation for Deposit Insurance at the South African Reserve Bank) to discuss the establishment of South Africa's deposit insurance framework, expected to be in operation in early 2024.

IADI Podcast No. 6 - Counting the Cost of Payout
by Ruth Walters, Rastko Vrbaski, Bert Van Roosebeke
02 December 2022

How do deposit insurers count the cost of payout? In this podcast, Ryan Defina (IADI Secretariat) is joined by Ruth Walters, Rastko Vrbaski (both Financial Stability Institute) and Bert Van Roosebeke (IADI Secretariat) to discuss how support by deposit insurers to bank failure management is subject to different types of quantitative constraints, which vary across jurisdictions. The conversation is based a recently published FSI Insights paper.

IADI Podcast Episode 5: Resolution of State-Owned Banks
by Danilo Palermo and Bruno Meyerhof Salama
15 September 2022

Bank resolution may be challenging, but what about the resolution of state-owned banks? In this podcast, Bert Van Roosebeke (IADI Secretariat, Basel) is joined by Danilo Palermo (World Bank) and Bruno Meyerhof Salama (UC Berkeley Law School) to discuss the resolution of such banks. On the basis of an upcoming World Bank publication, they discuss the application of the FSB Key Attributes of effective resolution regimes to the resolution of state-owned banks, specific challenges in resolving these banks as well as the role that deposit insurers can play in this process.

IADI Podcast Episode 4: Exploring Deposit Insurance for E-money
by Jan Nolte
28 March 2022

In this podcast, Bert Van Roosebeke (IADI Secretariat, Basel) is joined by Jan Nolte (International Monetary Fund) to discuss e-money and how deposit insurers can play a role in protecting financial systems and consumers. The discussion is (in part) motivated by a recent IMF Departmental Paper, suggesting that with the growing importance of e-money issuers, a comprehensive, robust framework for regulation and safeguarding customer funds is critical.

IADI Podcast Episode 3: Resolution of Financial Cooperatives
by Julien Reid
14 February 2022

In this podcast, Bert Van Roosebeke (IADI Secretariat, Basel) is joined by Julien Reid (Autorité des marchés financiers, Québec) to discuss how financial cooperatives are different from traditional banks and how this affects the work by IADI on resolution. Julien Reid explains the recent Guidance issued by IADI which aims at finding ways to maintain the cooperative nature also after resolution. He explains how activities by umbrella organisations, institutional protection schemes, deposit insurers and resolution authorities can contribute to that. Finally, Julien talks about IADI cooperation with the FSB on these issues and relevant future work.

IADI Podcast Episode 2: Banking Resolution - Expansion of the Resolution Toolkit and the Changing Role of Deposit Insurers
by Ryan Defina
20 August 2021

How has the role of deposit insurers in banking resolution changed over time? Which are the changes in the availability of resolution tools across jurisdictions and the rules governing their use? Based on a recent IADI Policy Brief on Banking Resolution: Expansion of the Resolution Toolkit and the Changing Role of Deposit Insurers, our host Bert Van Roosebeke discusses these questions with Ryan Defina from the IADI Secretariat Research Unit in Basel, Switzerland.

IADI Podcast Episode 1: Contingency Plan Testing by Deposit Insurers in North America
by Rishanthi Pattiarachchi
19 July 2021

How do North American deposit insurers test their crisis preparedness and how could contingency plan testing be further developed? Building on a recent RCNA Regional Research Paper on Contingency Plan Testing in North America, Bert Van Roosebeke, our host from the IADI Secretariat Research Unit discusses these questions with Rishanthi Pattiarachchi from the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC).