Member Structure

IADI has 98 Member organisations, 11 Associates, and 17 Partners.

IADI Members represent deposit insurance organisations. IADI Associates represent other safety-net organisations from jurisdictions that have developed or are considering developing a deposit insurance system. IADI Observers are interested parties, such as international organisations, financial institutions or professional firms. IADI Partners are organisations that have entered into a cooperative arrangement with IADI in order to pursue and further IADI's objectives.

Governance and Organisation

The governing bodies of the Association are the General Assembly and the Executive Council.

The Executive Council is structured as a working body with broad participation encouraged by means of a committee structure that is largely self-reliant. Five Council Committees have been established by the Executive Council to provide an oversight and advisory role to the work of the Association. Much of IADI’s work is initially addressed through the Executive Council and, where appropriate, is carried out through the Council Committees, their related Subcommittees (known as Technical Committees), and the Secretariat. All members of the Executive Council serve on at least one of the Association’s four Council Committees, and perhaps also Technical Committes, to which other Members and Associates may join.

Members of the Executive Council must comply with IADI’s Code of Conduct.

In addition, Regional Committees have been created for Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Caribbean, Eurasia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa, and North America, to reflect regional interests and common issues through the sharing and exchange of information and ideas.