About IADI

IADI is the global standard-setter for deposit insurance systems and the principal forum where deposit insurers from around the world meet to share knowledge and expertise. The Association provides training and educational programs and produces research and guidance on matters related to deposit insurance.

The Executive Council has established five Council Committees, as well as Regional Committees for Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Caribbean, Eurasia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa, and North America. The Regional Committees provide a voice to the common interests and issues affecting members in those regions. They also serve as separate forums for sharing information and ideas.

To share deposit insurance expertise with the world.

To contribute to the enhancement of deposit insurance effectiveness by promoting guidance and international cooperation.


IADI is the global standard-setter for deposit insurance systems. The objectives of the Association are to strengthen deposit insurance systems worldwide and to contribute to the stability of financial systems, and in particular to:

  • promote cooperation, coordination, and information sharing, among the Association’s Participants and other financial safety net participants, on experiences, practices, and techniques with respect to effective deposit insurance systems, including bank crisis management and resolution;
  • assist jurisdictions in enhancing the effectiveness of Deposit Insurance Systems by developing effective Deposit Insurance System Policies and standards taking into account the diversity of financial systems and circumstances in jurisdictions;
  • collect and analyse data and conduct research to support the effective operation of deposit insurance systems and inform the development of effective policies;
  • promote the implementation of effective Deposit Insurance System Policies by monitoring and assessing their adoption in Members’ jurisdictions and facilitating technical assistance, capacity building, and training of Members;
  • engage, collaborate, and consult with other financial safety-net participants and their respective standard-setting bodies as well as international financial institutions in the policy formulation process and to promote the effective implementation of Deposit Insurance System Policies;
  • create awareness among stakeholders of the key role of Deposit Insurance Systems in maintaining financial stability;
  • take such other actions as may be necessary or useful for the Association’s objectives.

IADI Profiles

Profiles of the Association in 8 languages (English, Chinese, German, Russian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic) may be found here