Audit and Risk Council Committee (ARCC)
Mandated to perform Internal Control activities, and evaluation of Risks (IS/IT, Reputation, Finance); propose the Delegation of Powers to the Council; ensure compliance and integrity of the Association’s operations with IADI’s Policies & Procedures and the internal/external regulatory framework; review the Association’s arrangement for Members to raise concerns, in confidence, about possible wrongdoing in financial reporting or other matters; and to administer internal control and risk assessment with the External Auditor.

Core Principles and Research Council Committee (CPRC)
Mandated to oversee and review Core Principles Research & Guidance, and research activities; ensure liaison with academic and international financial institutions; advance the collection of deposit insurance system data through IADI surveys; and perform oversight of advancing deposit insurance policies development and work closely with the Association’s Senior Policy and Research Advisor on the development of the Association’s research agenda.

Member Relations Council Committee (MRC)
Mandated to oversee the liaison with Members and provide oversight to the design of the communications platforms (IADI Newsletter and releases, IADI Website, etc.); to policy development proposals (related to the scope of its activities: IT, Members, Investment, Communications, etc.); and the outreach strategy for new members. It will also review and recommend the budget for approval to the EXCO and will review non-routine applications to join IADI.

Training and Technical Assistance Council Committee (TTAC)
Mandated to provide oversight to the compliance of the Core Principles (self-assessments, peer reviews, etc.); to develop an annual workplan to undertake the work of the Committee; facilitate the sharing and exchange of expertise and information through training, development and educational programmes and conferences; and oversee and review the core curriculum training and Technical Assistance (TA) programme, including Regional TA Workshops. 

Regional committees
Regional Committees were created for Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Eurasia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa and the North America to reflect regional interests and common issues through the sharing and exchange of information and ideas. The Regional Committees perform such functions in a manner to further the Objects, and act in the best interests, of the Association. The Chairpersons of the Regional Committees are responsible for recommending or proposing action to the Executive Council and communicating plans and activities, and reporting on their activities at each meeting of the Executive Council, in order to ensure focus and transparency.