Deposit Guarantee Fund (DGF), Rwanda

About DGF

The Deposit Guarantee Fund (DGF), also referred as the Fund, was established by Law N°31/2015 OF 05/06/2015 that determines the organization and functioning of the Deposit Guarantee Fund for banks and microfinance institutions referred to “Contributing members.”

The Fund started its operations in November 2016 with three main Functions

  • Collection of premiums from Contributing members.
  • Investment of premiums collected from Contributing members especially in Government securities
  • Payout of insured depositors in case of liquidation of any member institution.

The Fund is implementing a Pay Box mandate and it is under the Central Bank of Rwanda management.

The Main objectives of the Fund is to protect small depositors against loss of deposits in case of bank or MFI failures and maintain public confidence in the banking and financial system.

DGF Key Stakeholders

Mr. Olivier M. NGENZI
Mr. Herbert ASIIMWE
Head of the Fund (DGF) and Secretary General of the Africa Regional Committee (IADI)
Director General, Banking and non-banking at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning


List of Board Members

  • Mr. Herbert ASIIMWE, Director General, Banking and non-banking at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning
  • Mr. Tony Francis NTORE, Deputy Chair & CEO, Rwanda Bankers Association (RBA)
  • Ms. Doreen Shelagh KAHONDA, Member & Executive Director Financial Stability Directorate at NBR
  • Dr. Patrice MUGENZI, Member & Director General of Rwanda Cooperative Agency (RCA)
  • Mr. Jackson KWIKIRIZA, Member& Executive Director, Association of Microfinance Institutions in Rwanda (AMIR)
  • Mr. Olivier M. NGENZI, Secretary & Head of the Fund


Names, titles and contacts of Executive Management Members/Heads of Departments

 Mr. Olivier M. NGENZI  Head of the Fund
 Mr. Donat NZABIHIMANA  Senior Analyst
 Ms. Christine ATUKUNDA  Senior Analyst
 Mr. Honore ISHIMWE  Analyst


Contact information

  • Physical address : NATIONAL BANK OF RWANDA, KN6 Av 4; P.O Box 531 Kigali, Rwanda
  • Phone Number : +250 788 308 417/ +250 788 655 472
  • Email address :