Fundo de Garantia de Depósitos (FGD), Mozambique

About FGD

The Mozambique Deposit Guarantee Scheme named Fundo de Garantia de Depósitos (FGD) was established in 2010 by Decree Nr. 49/2010 of 11st of November as a collective person of public rights, endowed with administrative and financial autonomy, which operates jointly with the Bank of Mozambique (BM). The institution became operational in 2013.

The initial mandate of the FGD was   a “Pay box” which activities were limited to reimbursement depositors. Additionally, can intervene in liquidation process of deposit taking institutions and other financial institutions, as a liquidator when appointed by the Governor of the BM.

The Banking Law ammended by Act nº. 20/2020 of 31 of December, expanded the mandate of FGD to “Pay Box Plus”, with the responsability to finance resolution measures.


To be an institution recognized for its timely and efficient action in protecting deposits made in the participating deposit taking institutions, contributing to strengthening confidence and growth of national financial system.


  • Guarantee the reimbursement of deposits made in the participating deposit taking institutions up to the limit set in the regulations;
  • Participate in the financing of resolution measures applied to participating deposit taking institutions;
  • Contribute to maintaining national financial stability.

Core values

  • Integrity;
  • Professionalism and Team Work;
  • Transparency;
  • Cooperation and Collaboration;
  • Assertive Communication.

FGD Key Stakeholders

Mrs. Ana Amélia de Morais e Peng
Chair of Steering Committee


List of Steering Committee

  • Mrs. Ana Amélia de Morais e Peng – Chair of Steering Committee
  • Mrs. Maria Isabel Macie Lubrino – Member of Steering Committee
  • Mr. José da Silva Francisco - Member of Steering Committee


Names, titles and contacts of Executive Management Members/Heads of Departments

 Mrs. Ana Amélia de Morais   e  Peng  Chair of Steering Committee
 Mrs. Maria Isabel Macie   Lubrino  Member of Steering   Committee
 Mr. José da Silva Francisco  Member of Steering   Committee
 Clélia Luísa Trindade da   Costa Massinga  FGD Genneral Cordinator


Contact information

  • Physical address : Rua  Consiglieri Pedroso nr. 99 -  Maputo - Moçambique
  • Phone Number : +258 – 871704318 /879408822
  • Email address :