Message from the Chairperson

Message from the Chairperson, Africa Regional Committee (ARC)



Welcome to the webpage of the Africa Regional Committee (ARC). This page is the focal platform for sharing of information and keeping stakeholders abreast with developments in deposit insurance across the African region.


I wish to extend my gratitude to the ARC Committee Members for their unwavering dedication and commitment in upholding the principles of deposit insurance in their respective jurisdictions. I also take cognizance of and appreciate the contribution of the Associate Members. It is this collective effort that has seen the growth of deposit insurance in Africa.


The ARC is one of the eight regional committees of IADI, which were created to reflect interests and common issues through the sharing and exchange of information and ideas on deposit insurance in the different regions. The Committee provides a platform for deposit insurers, financial safety net participants and international financial institutions to work together to promote best practices in the areas of depositor protection, bank resolution and financial stability.


It is in this regard that members of the public and all stakeholders are requested to pay keen attention to the various public awareness efforts of the ARC member jurisdictions so as to enhance their knowledge about the sector, thereby promoting public confidence in the African financial sector. In the same spirit, I appeal to member countries to actively participate in international forums and policy discussions so that together, we can influence positive change and meaningfully contribute to the stability of the global financial system as a whole.


As you navigate this webpage, it is the desire of the ARC that it becomes a veritable reference point for deposit insurance in the African region. Please feel free to visit the IADI web-site to learn more about deposit insurance.






Dr. Julia Clare Olima Oyet (Mrs.)

Chairperson, Africa Regional Committee (ARC)

Chief Executive Officer, Deposit Protection Fund of Uganda