12 December 2022

IADI Thematic Review of Core Principles (CP) on External Relations

Following the first-round in this thematic review, IADI is running the second-round thematic review on external relations. It covers Core Principle 4 (Relationships with Other Safety-Net Participants), Core Principle 5 (Cross-border Issues), Core Principle 6 (Contingency Planning and Crisis Management), and Core Principle 12 (Dealing with Parties at Fault in a Bank Failure).

Members participating in the Thematic Review will gain valuable insights by completing the review process as they may have better understanding on the Core Principles and will be able to benchmark themselves and better identify the nature and extent of any gaps or weaknesses in their current deposit insurance system. 

Members can download the questionnaire on the IADI Members website and should provide submissions by 28 February 2023.

Should you have any questions regarding thematic review, please contact the IADI Research Unit at Carole.Lin@iadi.org and IADISurvey@iadi.org.


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