15 November 2022

IADI Policy Brief No. 7 - How Deposit Insurers Account for Inflation: Practices and Existing Guidance

This paper by Bert Van Roosebeke and Ryan Defina (IADI Secretariat Research Unit) offers an overview on how inflation is taken into consideration by international standards and procedures relevant to deposit insurers. It sets out how standards guide deposit insurers in incorporating inflation in their activities. Drawing upon empirical evidence, the authors look at how inflation impacts on coverage review and change processes applied by deposit insurers. The paper also distinguishes between a set of decision-making arrangements by deposit insurers in dealing with inflation.

The IADI Policy Brief is now available via the dedicated Policy Briefs section of IADI’s website or directly via this link. Any queries can be directed to the IADI Secretariat Research Unit (research@iadi.org).


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