30 November 2021

IADI Fintech Brief No. 5 – "Central Bank Digital Currencies – The Motivation"

This Fintech Brief focusses on central banks’ motivations for considering the issuance of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and offers a number of relevant case studies. In part, this is grounded in recent research conducted by IADI suggesting that fintech initiatives and cross-borders issues, both highly relevant to CBDC policy discussions, should be regarded as priority areas for the international deposit insurance community. Upon their introduction and depending on their exact design, CBDCs may have considerable consequences for deposit insurers. This is the first in a set of upcoming IADI Briefs exploring CBDCs and relevant policy considerations.

The IADI Fintech Brief is now publicly available on the dedicated Fintech section of IADI's website or directly via this link. Any questions regarding this paper may be forwarded to the IADI Secretariat’s Research Unit (research@iadi.org).


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