- 2021 Biennial Research Conference Agenda


     - Speakers' Curriculum Vitae


     - Conference Proceedings

 Research Papers

  1. “Fighting Failure: The Persistent Real Effects of Resolving Distressed Banks, Ivan T. Ivanov, Federal Reserve Board, USA; Stephen A. Karolyi, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

  2. “Insurance Pricing, Distortions, and Moral Hazard: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Deposit Insurance”, George Shoukry, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, USA

  3. “Coverage Levels in Deposit Insurance: to Increase or not to Increase”, Juan Carlos Quintero, EDHEC Business School and Fondo de Garantias de Instituciones Financieras, Colombia

  4. “Dynamic Banking and the Value of Deposits”, Patrick Bolton, Columbia University, USA; Ye Li, Ohio State University, USA; Neng Wang, Columbia Business School, USA; Jinqiang Yang, Shanghai University, China

  5. “Stress Testing Banks' Digital Capabilities: Evidence from the COVID-19”, Allen Kwan, Chen Lin, University of Hong Kong; Vesa Pursiainen, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland; Mingzhu Tai, University of Hong Kong

  6. “Completing the European Banking Union: Capital Cost Consequences for Credit Providers and Corporate Borrowers”, Michael Koetter, Thomas Krause, Eleonora Sfrappini, Lena Tonzer, Halle Institute for Economic Research, Germany


 Remarks and Speeches

     - Address by Fernando Restoy (Day 2) (Presentation/Speech)


 Presentation Materials by Speakers

   <Day 1>

  1. (Paper 1) Presentation by Alistair Milne

  2. (Paper 2) Presentation by George Shoukry

  3. (Paper 2) Presentation by Malgorzata Iwanicz-Drozdowska

    <Day 2>

  1. (Paper 3) Presentation by Riccardo De Lisa

  2. (Paper 4) Presentation by Ye Li

  3. (Paper 4) Presentation by Larry Wall

   <Day 3>

  1. (Paper 5) Presentation by Vesa Pursiainen

  2. (Paper 5) Presentation by Sebastian Doerr

  3. (Paper 6) Presentation by Eleonora Sfrappini

  4. (Paper 6) Presentation by Dalvinder Singh