Training and Conference Committee
The Committee's mandate is to assess the needs of the Members, leverage the resources of Participants, and work with Partners of the IADI and other interested parties on training and developments matters. This committee is also responsible for coordinating all of IADI's annual conferences.

Research and Guidance Committee
This Committee is responsible for conducting research, and developing and promoting guidance and core principles to enhance the effectiveness of deposit insurance systems. The guidance takes into account different circumstances, settings and structures. In May 2006, the Research and Guidance Committee formalised the role of the Vice-Chair, which is to aid the Chairman of the Reserach and Guidance Committee. In May 2007, the Committee was re-structured when it formed the Research Group, the Guidance Group, and an Islamic Deposit Insurance Group.

Membership and Communications Committee
This Committee is the main focal point for communication matters for the IADI. The members of this Committee consider and make recommendations concerning the admission of Members, Associates, Partners and Observers.

Finance and Planning Committee
This Committee monitors the financial resources of the Association, along with Secretary General prepares business plans and budgets, and reports on the financial position of IADI.

Governance Committee
This Committee is composed of the chairs of the other IADI Committees. It is responsible for establishing and implementing by-laws and policies governing the business and affairs of IADI, establishing codes of conduct and behavior, and developing and keeping current the terms of references of the other committees.

Audit Committee The main objective of the Audit Committee is to ensure the integrity of the Association’s published financial information. In line with its statutory requirements, the Audit Committee verifies the performance of the Association vis-à-vis budgets, as well as reviewing the budgets, business plans and Annual Report.

Data and Survey Committee The primary objectives of the Data and Survey Committee (DSC) are to facilitate and coordinate the gathering, analysis, storage and validation of deposit insurance-related information in the furtherance of the Association’s goals.

Regional committees
Regional Committees were created for AfricaAsia, the CaribbeanEurasiaEuropeLatin America, the Middle East and North Africa and the North America to reflect regional interests and common issues through the sharing and exchange of information and ideas. The Regional Committees perform such functions in a manner to further the Objects of IADI and to act in the best interests of the Association. The Chairs of the Regional Committees are responsible for recommending or proposing action to the Executive Council and communicating plans and activities and reporting on their activities at each meeting of the Executive Council to ensure focus and transparency.