23 March 2018

Registration for the 55th EXCO Meeting and Conference is now OPEN!

Registration is open from 18 March through 25 May 2018. 

Please note that the deadline for visa support is 15 April 2018!
Those who are interested to attend the 55th EXCO and related Committee meetings and/or the International Conference should register online via the Official Events Website  (http://www.iadi2018.ru).  There is only one registration form for all events. Once registered, an email containing registration confirmation, and a login and password to enter your personal account will be emailed to you.

Please ensure that if you need DIA visa support, you register and fill in the fields for visa support as soon as possible, and at the latest 15 April 2018! 
Registration: https://www.iadi2018.ru

More Detailed information can be found here(Members Login Required)


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