06 November 2020

IADI Guidance Paper - "Risk Management and Internal Control System of Deposit Insurers"

The International Association of Deposit Insurers (IADI) is pleased to release a Guidance Paper titled “Risk Management and Internal Control System of Deposit Insurers”. The paper was prepared by the Risk Management & Internal Control Systems Technical Committee chaired by Mr. Giuseppe Boccuzzi, General Director of the Interbank Deposit Protection Fund in Italy. The Technical Committee was established under the IADI Core Principles and Research Council Committee.

The paper investigates by means of an extended survey the most recent experiences and practices among IADI Members in risk management and internal control systems. Specific guidance is provided on how risk management should be applied within deposit insurers.

The analyses conducted showed that the majority of deposit insurers participating in the research have a risk management framework and internal control system in place, with either a formal or informal organisational structure. The level of development/maturity of the framework varies significantly across members. Furthermore, the data collected enabled a benchmark tool to be created, with which a deposit insurer can compare itself against its peers.

The Paper is now available on the Papers section of the IADI website.


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