Systems under Development

IADI member organisations are frequently called upon to provide counsel addressing the establishment of a deposit insurance system. Please contact IADI Regional Chairpersons for assistance and information through IADI Service.

1. Bhutan 2. Cambodia* 3. Costa Rica
4. Curacao and Sint Maarten 5. Ethiopia 6. Gambia
7. Grenada 8. Israel 9. Kuwait
10. Liberia 11. Malawi 12. Mauritius*
13. Myanmar1 14. New Zealand2 15. Panama 
16. Qatar 17. Seychelles 18. South Africa*
19. Syria 20. Swaziland 21. Turks and Caicos Islands
22. United Arab Emirates 23. Zambia  

(Updated 20 September 2019) 

* An asterisk marks the jurisdictions whose entities are IADI Associates.

1  Deposit insurance is provided by Myanmar Insurance Agency, the state-owned enterprise as a representative of government. No rules and regulations for deposit insurance. If bank is bankrupt, the government will reimburse.

2 Deposit Insurance in New Zealand was introduced as a provisional system in response to the Global Financial Crisis. No deposit insurance in place today.