Research Topics

Core Principles

The Revised Core Principles for Effective Deposit Insurance Systems were developed for the benefit of jurisdictions considering the adoption or reform of a deposit insurance system. The Revised Core Principles are designed to enhance the effectiveness of deposit insurance systems and are based on IADI research and guidance papers and the endorsement by IADI of guidance developed by several founding IADI members and other organizations under the leadership of the Financial Stability Forum's (FSF) Working Group on Deposit Insurance in 2001 and the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Policy Dialogue on Deposit Insurance. In June 2009 the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and IADI jointly issued the Core Principles for Effective Deposit Insurance Systems. The Core Principles were subsequently revised and submitted to the Financial Stability Board (FSB), in November 2014, for inclusion within the FSB’s Compendium of Key International Standards of Financial Stability.

IADI Research Topics

  1. Public-Policy Objectives
    •  Systemic Crisis and Deposit Insurance
  2. Moral Hazard
  3. Situational Analysis
  4. Transitioning
  5. Membership and coverage
  6. Funding
    •  Deposit Insurance System Premiums
    •  Evaluation of Deposit Insurance Fund Sufficiency
  7. Reimbursing Depositors 
    •  Payout Process
  8. Depositor Priority
  9. Structure and Organization
  10. Public Awareness
  11. Mandate and Powers
  12. Failure Resolution
    •  Resolution of Bank Failure
    •  Early Intervention and Prompt Corrective Action
  13. Claims and Recoveries
  14. Cross-Border Issues
  15. Legal Protection and Indemnification issues
  16. Risk Management
  17. Accounting and Reporting
  18. Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Deposit Insurance Systems (Core Principles Methodology)
  19. Financial Inclusion 
  20. Interrelationships