Core Principles and Research

IADI Research

Facilitating the sharing and exchange of expertise and information on deposit insurance issues is one of the key objectives of the International Association of Deposit Insurers (IADI). IADI produces a variety of documents, research and guidance papers. The objective of these papers is to provide academia, policy makers, deposit insurers and others with guidance and research to improve the effectiveness of deposit insurance system in their respective jurisdiction. The topics address deposit insurance issues relating to policy, operational, legal and other areas of a deposit insurance system.

The process for producing a research or guidance paper involves drafting a plan; undertaking research through collection and analysis of data, case studies or other methodologies; developing guidance from the research; and validating the guidance by engaging in consultations through conferences and reviews by various parties. To date, IADI has undertaken research and developed guidance that is applicable to a wide range of deposit insurance settings, circumstance and structures.

Further details are provided in the “Guidelines for the Development of IADI Research, Guidance and the Core Principles”.