Capacity Building Expertise

Descriptions of Capacity Building Programs

Review detailed descriptions of individual capacity building programs for each of the following providers. Instructions and points of contact for requesting capacity building services are included.


Capacity Building Programs

Deposit insurers with capacity building programs are presented here as a resource for other deposit insurers, financial authorities and government officials seeking to develop, strengthen or transition deposit insurance schemes. 

Capacity building services available through these programs are delivered and performed on-site in the locale and facilities of the party requesting the services. Additional information is presented for alternatives hosted by providers in-house.

All capacity building programs include some combination of expertise (deposit insurance or failed bank resolutions), services (professional training or expert consultation), priorities (policy-specific or geographical area), and financing requirements.

Requesting Capacity Building Services

Instructions and direct contact information to request capacity building services are presented for each provider in the descriptions of individual programs. The IADI Secretariat is also available to answer questions and facilitate contacts.  To request for capacity building services, please fill out this form and send it to the appropriate principal contact of the service provider of your choice.  Please copy the Secretariat at

Additional Program Providers Welcome

IADI members and other deposit insurers wishing to add their capacity building programs to this resource site should complete the following survey and return it to the attention of

Survey for Capacity Building Programs