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Welcome to the IADI's e-Newsletter

The International Association of Deposit Insurers (IADI) is pleased to provide the latest issue of its e-Newsletter.
The e-Newsletter keeps you up-to-date on information about IADI activities from January to July 2022, as well as on upcoming IADI activities. 

This issue includes:
  Message from David Walker, IADI Secretary General

Save the Date
Short summary of Executive Council Meetings
Executive Council approval of new Chairpersons for Council and Regional Committees
Update from the IADI Secretariat Research Unit 

Update from the IADI Secretariat Training and Capacity Building Unit 

  New IADI Participants
  Forthcoming events

   Message from David Walker, IADI Secretary General

Let me express my sincere appreciation to all IADI Members, Associates and Partners for your support in the furtherance of IADI’s mission during the first part of 2022. We continue to work with our membership in adapting to the ongoing impacts of the pandemic as well as adjusting to international crises and a rapidly changing macroeconomic landscape.  IADI is facing these challenges by continuing to leverage technology and moving forward with an ambitious agenda for training, capacity building, research and guidance.

Last March, IADI welcomed our new Acting President Mr Alejandro López and gave our appreciation to Mr Yury Isaev for his valuable contributions and dedication since December 2020 in leading the IADI, and in facilitating the Association’s achievement of its strategic goals, in cooperation with the Secretariat.

This year is also very special for the Association as it marks IADI’s 20th Anniversary. On the 6th of May 2002 IADI was incorporated in Basel, Switzerland, with a mission to share deposit insurance expertise with the world. There is much to celebrate as we reflect on two decades of accomplishments in IADI’s contribution to financial stability by promoting international cooperation and establishing international standards for deposit insurance. These achievements are the culmination of contributions and hard work of our Members, Associates, Partners and Secretariat, the Bank for International Settlements and our fellow global standard setters.

The Strategic Goals have been incorporated into our business plans and significant progress has been made in achieving many milestones.  For example, in terms of promoting the IADI Core Principles (CPs) and deposit insurance compliance, the IADI Secretariat Research Unit (RU) and the Core Principles and Research Council Committee (CPRC) finalised work on the CP Monitoring and Compliance Assessment Framework and established a review team for CP 1, 2, 3 and 11. Moreover, work has begun on the review and updating of the CPs – a major project stretching over two years and involving all our Members, Associates and Partner organisations. 

In the area of advancing research and guidance, IADI published a Guidance Paper on “Ways to resolve a financial cooperative while keeping the cooperative structure” by the Resolution Issues for Financial Cooperatives Technical Committee (TC) and a research paper on “Deposit Insurance Coverage Level and Scope” by the Deposit Insurance Coverage Level and Scope TC.  In February and July IADI published its first two external sponsored papers looking at resolution and depositor trust issues in Poland and the impact of COVID-19 on bank risk profiles.

Fintech Briefs looking at issues such as e-money, DepTech and beneficiary accounts were published and Policy Briefs on climate change, a new annual report on global trends and key emerging deposit insurance issue and various papers on the impact of COVID-19 were produced by the RU. The RU worked closely with the FSB and IADI Members on an “Issue note in relation to resolvability of non-globally systemically important banks” and conducted a joint IADI-FSB Resolution Steering Group workshop on resolution issues and cooperative banks, including IADI Resolution Issues for Financial Cooperatives.

Important initiatives for providing Members with technical support to modernise and upgrade their systems were carried out by the Training and Technical Assistance Council Committee (TTAC), supported by the IADI Secretariat Training and Capacity Building Unit (TCBU). This included the establishment of a Core Curriculum for workshops as part of our Expert Training Strategy. The first session of the Practitioners Workshop was held in July 2022 – a major milestone for IADI. Other major achievements were the completion of the joint IADI-IMF-FSI Bank Resolution On-Line Course (BROC) and the finalisation of IADI’s Technical Assistance Framework (TAF) which allows Members to request and obtain technical assistance through the Secretariat.

Announcements regarding Secretariat members

The Secretariat would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Teru Mitsuyu, our Senior Policy Analyst/Senior Communications Specialist Secondee from the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan (DICJ), for his tremendous service as his term with us ends in July. Teru has provided critical support and leadership in a wide range of areas such as support to the MRC, preparing the Annual Report, Bi-annual Newsletters, Membership and Partner applications and research support for IADI’s participation in the FSB. We wish him all the best on his return to DICJ.

Please share with us a warm welcome for Mr Mistuyu’s successor Mr Kazutoshi Hirano from the DICJ who joined the Secretariat in July 2022 and will be our new Senior Policy Analyst – welcome aboard Kazu!

David Walker
Secretary General
International Association of Deposit Insurers


   Save the Date

6-7 September 2022: 20th Anniversary Celebration and Conference

IADI has achieved many notable milestones during the past two decades, including playing an integral role as a safety-net standard setting body during times of financial crisis; establishing the IADI Core Principles for Effective Deposit Insurance Systems, assisting in the development of deposit insurance systems around the globe, introducing an extensive training and capacity building program for Members, building the most extensive global data base on deposit insurance in the world, and the issuance of timely and focused research, guidance and policy papers.

As part of our Anniversary Celebrations we will be holding a special conference from 6-7 September 2022 at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland titled: “Enhancing deposit insurance and promoting financial stability around the world: building on the past, preparing for the future…”.

The Conference will include dignitaries and a wide range of speakers from deposit insurance and bank resolution organisations as well as our IADI partner international financial institutions. The Conference will look at the establishment and early development of deposit insurance systems, the growth and development of IADI as an international standard setter and the opportunities and challenges we face in the future.

Acting President Alejandro López invites IADI Participants to join us for the Conference and other events to celebrate our IADI 20th Anniversary, including “Deposit Insurance Week” from 5-9 September and the next General Meeting planned for October 2022 in Buenos Aires.

Detailed information can be found here. (Login required)

24-28 October 2022:  2022 IADI Annual General Meeting and Annual Conference

On behalf of the International Association of Deposit Insurers (IADI), the Seguro de Depósitos S.A. (SEDESA) of Argentina is pleased to host the 2022 IADI Annual Conference "Storm Clouds on the Horizon: fostering resilient safety-nets for uncertain times" and 21st Annual General Meeting (AGM) events which will take place in Buenos Aires City, Argentina, from Monday 24 - Friday 28 October 2022.

The weeklong IADI Annual Conference and 21st Annual General Meeting related events will start with the meetings of the IADI Technical Committees, Council Committees, Regional Committees, and the 74th Executive Council Meeting (EXCO). The Annual International Conference "Storm Clouds on the Horizon: fostering resilient safety-nets for uncertain times" will be held on Thursday 27 October; and will be followed by the 21st Annual General Meeting during the morning on Friday 28 October.

For those that can’t attend the 2022 IADI AGM events in person in Buenos Aires, a number of meetings will be offered in hybrid participation (combining in person and virtual participation via Webex). 

Detailed information can be found here. (Login required) 


   Short summary of Executive Council Meetings


The 72nd and 73rd Executive Council (EXCO) Meetings were held on 29 March and 30 June 2022, respectively.

At the 72nd EXCO Meeting, three prior correspondence approvals of the membership applications from the Bank Deposit Insurance Scheme, Oman (Member), the Bermuda Deposit Insurance Corporation (Member) and the Armenian Deposit Guarantee Fund (Member) were ratified. The EXCO also ratified the appointment of Audit and Risk Council Committee (ARCC) Chairperson and Asia-Pacific Regional Committee (APRC) Chairperson. The EXCO approved the amendments to the Terms of Reference of the Regional Committee of North America (RCNA).

The 73rd EXCO Meeting was held in hybrid format (virtually and physically) on 30 June 2022. Following the updates on 72nd EXCO Meeting, a prior correspondence approval of the membership applications from the Iraqi Company for Deposit Insurance (Member) was ratified. The EXCO also ratified the appointment of Eurasia Regional Committee (EARC) Chairperson. The EXCO approved the amendments to the Terms of Reference of the Caribbean Regional Committee (CRC). The EXCO recommend that the Members of the Association approve of, and appoint, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, as the Auditor for the Association for FY ending 31 March 2023, pursuant to the clarified Rotation Policy.


  Executive Council approval of new Chairpersons for Council and Regional Committees


The EXCO in the first half of this year approved the appointment of new Chairpersons for ARCC and two regions, as follows:

    Audit and Risk
    Council Committee
    Regional Committee
    Regional Committee
    Eloise Williams-Dunkley
    Jamaica Deposit Insurance Corporation
    for a two-year term
    Hidenori Mitsui
    Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan
    for a three-year term
    Baatarsuren Sukhbaatar
    Deposit Insurance Corporation of Mongolia
    for a three-year term

The following have retired from their respective position on the EXCO since the previous edition of the e-Newsletter. The Association thanks them for their contributions to the leadership of IADI.

Zaher Hammuz
Palestine Deposit Insurance Corporation
Diane Ellis
Federal Deposit Insurance Coporation
Chantal Richer
Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation

 Update from the IADI Secretariat Research Unit


CP monitoring and compliance assessment

Compliance with and implementation of the Core Principles by IADI Members helps to enhance the effectiveness of deposit insurance systems, facilitates greater protection of depositors, and promotes financial stability. The IADI Thematic Review of the Core Principles Programme is a desk-based approach designed to survey Members on their adherence with the Core Principles and to gain a global picture on Member’s compliance levels.

IADI is now finalising the first thematic review on organisational structure, based on Core Principle 1 (Public Policy Objectives), Core Principle 2 (Mandate and Powers), Core Principle 3 (Governance) and Core Principle 11 (Legal Protection). A review team was established in the second quarter of 2021 and a questionnaire developed by this review team was circulated to IADI Members in October 2021 to respond.

A total of 63 Members submitted responses to the questionnaire, which equals a participation of 70% of the IADI membership. The review team reviewed information and prepared a report for review by the CPRC. The report provides observations on the implementation of the reviewed Core Principles and suggestions for the areas of the Core Principles that require future revisions or further guidance. The report is expected to be available to IADI Members after the EXCO approval and in the third quarter of 2022.

Research Initiatives

In March 2022, IADI Survey Brief No. 2 – COVID-19 and Covered Deposits was published. This Survey Brief was prepared by the RU seeking to explore developments relating to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on deposit insurance globally. This paper investigates quarterly growth rates of covered deposits and finds statistically significant evidence that during the first six quarters of the pandemic, quarterly growth of covered deposits has shifted upwards by 1.5 %-points. On a per-quarter basis, we find evidence of statistically significant increases in the second half of 2020.

In June 2022, IADI Survey Brief No. 3 – COVID-19 and Deposit Insurer Fund Sizes was published. This Survey Brief investigates whether deposit insurers with particularly high deposit inflow during the pandemic tended to see their relative fund size decrease.

In April 2022, IADI Fintech Brief No. 7 – Beneficiary Accounts: Challenges for Deposit Insurance Schemes was published. This Fintech Brief sets out possible approaches for deposit insurance schemes towards beneficiary accounts and identifies the main risks and challenges in the context of e-money and payment institutions.

In June 2022, IADI Fintech Brief No. 8 – Introductory Brief (Part II): Opportunities for Deposit Insurers (DepTech) was published. This Fintech Brief provides a description of the key features of e-money in the Ghanaian context. It discusses the factors influencing the protection of e-money wallets and the float kept with commercial banks. It presents options to be considered for the possible protection of these wallets in case of bank liquidation.

In June 2022, IADI Fintech Brief No. 9 – E-Money in Ghana: A Case Study was published. This Fintech Brief provides a description of the key features of e-money in the Ghanaian context. It discusses the factors influencing the protection of e-money wallets and the float kept with commercial banks. It presents options to be considered for the possible protection of these wallets in case of bank liquidation.

In June 2022, IADI Policy Brief No. 6 – How Inflation Impacts Deposit Insurance: Real Coverage and Coverage Ratio was published. This Policy Brief considers how inflation may impact on two key concepts of deposit insurance: coverage levels and coverage ratios.

In February 2022, IADI Sponsored Paper No. 1 - Resolution and Depositors’ Trust was published. This paper by Małgorzata Iwanicz-Drozdowska, Łukasz Kurowski and Bartosz Witkowski from SGH—Warsaw School of Economics, Poland investigates the role of depositor-specific features in the behaviour of depositors in bank resolution processes in Poland.

IADI Sponsored Paper No. 2 - ECB Significant-Bank Risk Profile and COVID-19 Crisis Containment: What Approach in the Transitioning Phase? was published. This paper by Bozena Gulija, Costanza Russo (Queen Mary University London) and Dalvinder Singh (University Warwick) investigates the impact of COVID-19 related public support measures on banks and states in the European Banking Union and suggest a transition phase as public support measures come to an end.

In February 2022, the 2022 IADI Deposit Insurance Report - Global Trends and Key Emerging Issues was published. The IADI Deposit Insurance report provides, on a yearly basis, an overview of global trends in deposit insurance and investigates key emerging issues. This Report was edited by Bert Van Roosebeke and Ryan Defina of the IADI Secretariat Research Unit.

In July 2022, FSI Insights No 45 - Counting the cost of payout: constraints for deposit insurers in funding bank failure management was published. In a joint paper, Ruth Walters and Rastko Vrbaski (both FSI), Nicola Costa (SRB) and Bert Van Roosebeke (IADI Research Unit) discuss how support by deposit insurers to bank failure management is subject to different types of quantitative constraints, which vary across jurisdictions.

A number of additional papers are due to be published in the next months. These include IADI Fintech Briefs on e-money and Policy Briefs on Inflation and Deposit Insurance.

Review and Update of the IADI Core Principles

During its 72nd session, EXCO approved the draft process for review and updating the IADI CPs. Following a call for Expression of Interest, a Steering Committee (SC) has been established. The SC counts 23 participants from IADI Membership and is well-balanced both in terms of IADI regions and mandates. SG David Walker and SPRA Bert Van Roosebeke co-chair the SC. During its first meeting on 15 June 2022, the SC decided the establishment of six Working Groups (WG). Each WG will discuss a selected set of Core Principles and will present it consensus views to the SC at its second meeting on 28 and 29 September 2022. In doing so, the WGs will make reference to the findings of an IADI-members-wide survey conducted in April 2022. The results of this survey and further updates on the review and updating of the IADI Core Principles can be found on eBIS.

IADI Policy and Research Newsletter

The Research Unit has initiated a quarterly newsletter designed to become the central source of information on policy and research issues of relevance to deposit insurers. Latest editions:

  • The 2022Q1 edition was released in February 2022 and is available here.
  • The 2022Q2 edition was released in June 2022 and is available here.

IADI Podcast Series

The Secretariat Research Unit has initiated an IADI Podcast series, using a new channel for disseminating and communicating IADI’s research as well as other output of interest to the deposit insurance community. The following podcasts have been made available: 

  • Podcast with Julien Reid (AMF, Québec Canada) on the resolution of financial cooperatives
  • Podcast with Jan Nolte (IMF) on e-money and deposit insurance

The podcast is now available at the IADI Website. Further episodes will follow on a regular basis.

Research Webinars

24 June 2022

COVID-19 has placed the global financial system under considerable strain, presenting an unprecedented shock to economic activity and exposing numerous vulnerabilities in global supply chain management. Understanding and managing the risks associated with COVID-19 is viewed as a priority area of concern for deposit insurers. Bert Van Roosebeke and Ryan Defina from the IADI Research Unit have recently published two IADI Survey Briefs exploring the impact of COVID-19 on the core activities of deposit insurers.  In this webinar, Ryan has presented key findings and provided an opportunity to discuss pertinent issues.

20 May 2022

Małgorzata Iwanicz-Drozdowska, Łukasz Kurowski and Bartosz Witkowski of the SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Poland presented during an IADI Research webinar their paper on Trust in resolution: Evidence from Poland on depositor behaviour in bank failure scenarios. The paper includes findings on the behaviour of depositors in bank resolution processes in Poland.

2021 IADI Annual Survey

The 2021 Annual Survey results were published in November 2021. The IADI Annual Survey forms the most comprehensive source of deposit insurance information globally, and is utilised extensively for research initiatives and policy decision making. We extend our appreciation to IADI Members, Associates and Partners who participated in the survey and for their continued support to the IADI data and research initiatives.

Survey results from the 2021 Annual Survey showed that jurisdictions continue to strengthen their deposit insurance systems and are moving towards greater compliance with the IADI Core Principles for Effective Deposit Insurance Systems.

To find the details, please visit IADI’s Data Warehouse Section, where you can find data on 15 Key features and an updated Chart Pack. The full data is available to members only on eBIS (Login required).

IADI also conducted numerous surveys among stakeholders to gauge perspectives on member engagement and seeking input to the ongoing IADI Core Principles review process, along with topics domain-specific topics such as Fintech organisational management, reimbursement and liquidation activities, and consideration of environmental, social and governance issues.


  Update from the IADI Secretariat Training and Capacity Building Unit  


The Training and Capacity Building Unit (TCBU) continued to cater for the training needs of the IADI community through virtual platforms and in person workshops. In collaboration with the TTAC and CBTC, the TCBU continued developing various capacity-building activities and making progress in the development and implementation of the Expert Training Strategy, all key components of IADI’s Strategic Goals.

Capacity Building

Financial Stability Institute (FSI) Connect Tutorials

The TCBU, as part of the strategies to increase usage of FSI-Connect licenses provided by the Association as a Member benefit, implemented a targeted approach by reaching out to each IADI Member and Associate assigned IADI-sponsored FSI Connect licenses (3 for each) to update user details.

IADI Knowledge Events and Speaker Database

The TCBU reviewed the IADI Speaker Database and Knowledge Events Repository for usefulness. The Repository was updated for the period 2019 to date with a summary and theme for each training event to simplify the search process.

Bank Resolution Online Course (BROC)

The TCBU, FSI and IMF developed and held the Bank Resolution Online Course (BROC), a certificate program and the first initiative of its kind within IADI, conducted virtually between early February to May 2022. The course will be held yearly and is aimed at staff working in bank resolution policy, planning or execution who are relatively new to the topic. The Module on “Protecting Depositors” developed by IADI, in collaboration with the IMF, covers the role of deposit insurers in liquidation and depositor reimbursement, including aspects such as least-cost calculation, depositor preference, single customer view, and communication during regular and crisis times. In total, 24 jurisdictions from the IADI community (Members and Associates) took part in the BROC with a total of 71 participants.


The TCBU, jointly with the Asia-Pacific Regional Committee (APRC), Training and Assistance Technical Committee (TATC) hosted a webinar to promote training and technical assistance tools that can enhance compliance with the IADI Core Principles. The presentations focused on the Technical Assistance Framework and the executive briefing to encourage members to participate in self-assessments. The webinar was attended by 49 participants.

 IADI-FSI Joint Webinar on Navigating the new FSI Connect Portal

The FSI and TCBU held two sessions for the webinar to accommodate time zones.  The webinar provided Members, and in particular staff that have been assigned an IADI-sponsored FSI Connect license, with information to better navigate the FSI Connect platform. The two sessions were attended by 80 participants.

Expert Training Strategy

IADI Core Principles Practitioners Workshop

The TTAC, the Capacity Building Technical Committee (CBTC) and the TCBU held the first IADI Core Principles Practitioners Workshop from 25 – 29 July 2022 in Basel. The Practitioners Workshop is the first stage of the Expert Training Strategy approved by TTAC in 2019. The Practitioners Workshop was facilitated by Lead Core Principles Experts and Core Principles Experts utilizing exercises, as well as lectures and group discussions, to examine each Core Principle and its Essential Criteria. The TCBU sent an Expression of Interest to solicit participants to enrol for the workshop and received 43 nominations. The five-day workshop was attended by 30 participants from 18 jurisdictions from the IADI community.

Expert Training Working Group

The TCBU prepared the final presentation materials for the second stage of the Expert Training Strategy and these were approved by the CBTC in July 2022. The conclusion of the pilot test for the ETWG expanded the IADI Roster of Experts to the current 15. The TCBU also prepared the Terms of Reference for the development of the Experts Workshop, the third stage of the Expert Training Strategy. The Expert Workshop Task Force is expected to begin work in the third quarter of 2022 to prepare materials for the 5-day workshop.

The expanded roster of CP Experts will help support IADI’s Self-Assessment Technical Assistance Program (SATAP), as well as IADI training initiatives, including workshops, conferences, and other capacity building activities.

Self-Assessment Technical Assistance Program (SATAP)

Work is ongoing for SATAPs reviews in PDIC (Palestine) and DPC (Zimbabwe). The PDIC review team is led by the IADI Senior Training and Technical Assistance Advisor, Eugenia Alamillo, and includes Silvana Sejko (ADIA) and Juan Carlos Lopez (TACBA, IADI Secretariat). The review team completed the offsite work and, since it was determined that an onsite visit was not feasible, has begun coordinating virtual meetings with other FSN authorities and stakeholders in Palestine to conclude the report.

The TTAC Chairperson and IADI Secretary General approved the DPC Zimbabwe request in September 2021, and the SATAP review officially kicked off in January 2022. Tony Sinopole (FDIC) is leading the review team, which includes Juan Carlos Lopez (TACBA, IADI Secretariat), Taurai Togarepi (TAA, IADI Secretariat), Riccardo de Lisa (FITD), Shilpa Shah (FDIC) and Galo Cevallos (FDIC). The review team meets bi-weekly to complete the off-site review of the DPC self-assessment. The team has projected the on-site review in Fall 2022.

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance Framework Development

The TCBU created the Technical Assistance Framework (TAF) to establish a collaborative platform for delivering peer-to-peer assistance and optimizing the matching process between Members requesting technical assistance and potential providers in the IADI community. The TAF, including the related communications plan, was approved by the CBTC in August 2021. The TCBU released the 2022 Annual Call in February 2022 to identify IADI Members and Partners willing to provide bilateral assistance.

The 2022 Annual Call increased the number of deposit insurers who can provide technical assistance by 65%, resulting in a total of 19 providers.

Bilateral Technical Assistance

During the reporting period, five requests bilateral technical assistance requests were completed (ADIA-Albania, DPA-Thailand, COSEDE-Ecuador, CDIC-Chinese Taipei, and DPC-Pakistan). The bilateral assistance process included the coordination of 28 peer-to-peer assistance sessions.

Currently, the TCBU is addressing 4 additional requests form the deposit insurer agencies of Pakistan (2), Oman, and Zimbabwe.

Communication with the IADI Members

Website section on Capacity Building

In 2021, the TCBU developed an updated version of the training and capacity building space on the IADI website. This section allows IADI Members to access the information regarding guidance for training events, guidance for developing a self-assessment, technical assistance, the Self-Assessment Technical Assistance Program (SATAP), expert training, and FSI Connect.

This new one-stop-shop site demonstrates the commitment that the TCBU, the CBTC, and the TTAC have to facilitate access to IADI training materials. Consult the updated site here.

In line with the IADI Strategic Goals 2022-2026, the TCBU posted the Roster of Experts on the IADI website in June, based on the principle established in the Strategy. IADI Members can now access the Core Principles Expert Roster and identify CP Experts in their region.

Virtual Training Events

The TCBU facilitated and coordinated virtual events with IADI Regional Committees and IADI Partner organisations mentioned throughout the newsletter. This included support for two IADI Research Webinars over the review period as well. In total eleven (11) training events were delivered successfully during this period with a total of 1,366 participating in these events from IADI Member, Associate and Partner Organisations.

IADI Insights

The TCBU organized and hosted the third IADI Insights webinar series on “Preparing for the expected and the unexpected: Stress testing of EU deposit insurers based on EBA Guidelines” on February 2022.  Slawek Kozdras, Senior Policy Expert, and Jordan Granata, Policy Expert, of the European Banking Authority highlighted the updated guidelines on stress-testing and aggregate compliance results in the European Union. The webinar was attended by 150 participants from all IADI Regional Committees.

The fourth IADI Insights webinar series on “It’s all about e-money” was organized and hosted by the TCBU on 31 March 2022. Jan Nolte, Senior Financial Sector Expert of the International Monetary Fund’s presentation focused on strengthening regulatory regimes and user protection. The presentation was based on a Departmental Paper produced by the IMF. The virtual event was attended by 119 participants from across all IADI Regional Committees.

Regional Events

6th Americas Deposit Insurance Forum (CRC, LARC and RCNA)

The Bahamas Deposit Insurance Corporation, on behalf of the Americas Region (Latin America Regional Committee (LARC), Caribbean Regional Committee (CRC) and Regional Committee of North America (RCNA), hosted the virtual event on “Enhancing Deposit Insurance Systems: Lessons Learned and the Way Forward.” The two-day webinar (13 and 14 July 2022) was presented in two languages, with simultaneous interpretation for participants preferring audio in Spanish through use of WebEx tools.

Discussions on the first day focused on the Effective Cooperation and Information Sharing among Deposit Insurers and other Financial Safety Net Participants, and Stress Testing Implementation to support Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation's Financial Stability Mandate. During the second day, deliberations included Making Resolution Operational: The deposit insurer’s role, implementing the FSB Key Attributes and special resolution regimes, and key features from the Guidance Paper on Ways to Resolve a Financial Cooperative while keeping the Cooperative Structure. The TCBU coordinated with the Association of Supervisors of Banks of the Americas (ASBA), represented by a speaker from the Central Bank of Spain. The webinar was attended by 207 participants.

Asia-Pacific Regional Committee International Conference

The Deposit Protection Agency (DPA), Thailand on behalf of the APRC held an International Conference on “Gearing Towards the New Financial Landscape” on 20 July 2022.

The webinar began with presentations focusing on evolution in the global and domestic financial landscapes. The second session looked at how regulators and deposit insurers embrace financial revolutions with a panel discussion focusing on country perspectives on deposit insurers and the fintech. The TCBU coordinated with the Financial Stability Institute (FSI) and Financial Stability Board (FSB) who sent speaker representatives. The presentations focused on global financial sector landscape transformation and the implications of financial revolutions on financial supervisory and regulatory frameworks respectively. The webinar was attended by 273 participants.

DICJ-IADI Round Table

The Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan (DICJ) hosted the DICJ-IADI Round Table on “Synergizing Multifaceted Regional and Global Perspectives” on 24-25 February 2022.

The Round Table began on day one with presentations focusing on international and regional efforts in enhancing bank resolvability and issues for consideration on failures of small and medium sized banks. The second day discussions focused on the challenges and opportunities presented by Fintech to resolution authorities and deposit insurers and Regional Chairpersons Dialogue: main achievements and challenges for Regional Committees. The Round Table was attended by 250 participants.

Latin America Regional Committee Webinar

The Fondo de Seguro de Depósitos, Peru hosted the Latin America Regional Committee (LARC) webinar on “Instrumento para medir el nivel de recordación del Seguro de Depósitos” on 18 May 2022. The webinar was attended by 39 participants. The TCBU provided technical support to this event.


  New IADI Participants


Join us in welcoming newest participants, all of whom were approved by EXCO in the first half of this year.

Bank Deposits Insurance Scheme (Oman)  – New Member
Bermuda Deposit Insurance Corporation – New Member
Armenian Deposit Guarantee Fund – New Member
Iraqi Company for Deposit Insurance – New Member  

We thank the above entities for their applications and look forward to working more closely with them, as part of the global IADI community. As of July 2022, IADI's membership includes 118 participants, including 92 Members, 9 Associates and 17 Partners.


  Forthcoming events

IADI 20th Anniversary International Conference
       6-7 September 2022 | Basel, Switzerland
ERC Webinar
20 September 2022 | Virtual
ARC Technical Assistance Workshop
3-7 October 2022 |
Abuja, Nigeria
21st IADI Annual Conference and Annual General Meeting
       24-28 October 2022 | Buenos Aires, Argentina
 2nd APRC Study Visit and International Seminar
       7-9 November 2022 | Bali, Indonesia
 APRC Technical Assistance Workshop
       21-23 November 2022 | Virtual
 ERC Technical Assistance Workshop
       25 November 2022 | TBD
 7th Americas Deposit Insurance Forum
       24-26 April 2023 | Montreal, Canada
 IADI Biennial Research Conference
       May/June 2023 | Virtual (TBC)
 21st APRC Annual Meeting and International Conference
       Late May/Early June 2023 | Fukuoka City, Japan

The International Association of Deposit Insurers (IADI) was formed in May 2002 to enhance the effectiveness of deposit insurance systems by promoting guidance and international cooperation. Members of the IADI conduct research and produce guidance for the benefit of those jurisdictions seeking to establish or improve a deposit insurance system. Members also share their knowledge and expertise through participation in international conferences and other forums. The IADI currently represents 92 deposit insurers, 9 Associates and 17 Partners (as of September 2022). The IADI is a non-profit organisation constituted under Swiss Law and is domiciled at the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland.