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Welcome to the IADI's e-Newsletter

IADI is pleased to provide the next issue of its e-Newsletter. The e-Newsletter keeps you up-to-date on information about IADI activities from January to the end of June 2018, as well as on upcoming IADI activities. 

This issue includes:

Election of Mr Giuseppe Boccuzzi as the Vice Chair of the IADI Executive Council

Announcements regarding Secretariat Members and Upcoming Recruitments

Highlights from the International Conference jointly hosted by IADI and the State Corporation Deposit Insurance Agency of Russia
Key Achievements and Updates from the CCs and their TCs

Executive Councilmembers' departures since December 2017

The IADI Annual Survey and the IADI Secretariat Research Unit

Additional Events, Training, Seminars and Conferences
New IADI Participants
Key Achievements and Updates from various Regional Committees

Upcoming Announcements for the IADI Annual General Meeting

Forthcoming events (July to December 2018, plus advance notice of events in 2019)

Bank for International Settlements - Annual General Meeting 2018 and Annual Report 2017/2018

New postgraduate degree, MSc Banking, Regulation and Financial Stability, commencing September 2018 - Prof Schaek

  Let me express my sincere appreciation to all IADI Members, Associates and Partners for your efforts, and support, in the furtherance of IADI's mission over the past six months. The IADI Secretariat looks forward to contributing to the advancement of IADI.

We also look forward to seeing you at the meetings, including the Annual General Meeting, in Basel, Switzerland, from 15-19 October 2018, which will encompass the 56th Executive Council Meeting, the 17th IADI Annual General Meeting, and the Annual Conference hosted by IADI. 

The entire IADI Secretariat Team wishes you the very best of success! 

     David Walker 
   Secretary General
   International Association of Deposit Insurers

   Election of Mr Giuseppe Boccuzzi as the Vice Chair of the IADI Executive Council


  The IADI Executive Council elected Mr Giuseppe Boccuzzi as Vice Chair of the Executive Council (EXCO) of IADI on 30 May 2018 for a one-year term, at its 55th EXCO Meeting held in Moscow, Russia.

Mr Giuseppe Boccuzzi, Director General of the Interbank Deposit Protection Fund (Fondo Interbancario di Tutela dei Depositi) of Italy, has had a long career as an officer at the Bank of Italy in roles within the banking and financial supervisory area, especially as the representative to the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision from 2006 to 2008. He also participated in the work of the European Commission for the preparation of the 94/19/EC Directive on Deposit Guarantee Schemes, and was appointed to the Financial Stability Forum's Task Force on Dealing with Weak Banks, in collaboration with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.
Mr Boccuzzi was recently reappointed for a further three-year term as IADI's Europe Regional Committee Chairperson. In addition, commencing from early 2018, Mr Boccuzzi led a Working Group which produced the IADI Code of Ethics and Conduct.
  The Vice Chair of the Executive Council will act for the Chair of the Executive Council in the event of the Chair's absence. When acting for the Chair, the Vice Chair is primarily responsible for the effective operation of the Executive Council, and for making presentations and representing the Executive Council as appropriate. The Vice Chair assists the Chair in ensuring that the relationship between the members of the Executive Council and the Secretary General facilitates IADI fulfilling its mandate.  
  Mr Boccuzzi stated that he would ensure his commitment and collaborative experience is dedicated in support of the Chair of the Executive Council, in the pursuit of IADI's objectives.  

   Announcements regarding Secretariat Members and Upcoming Recruitments

New Secretariat Members
  We are pleased to announce the recruitment of Mr Ryan Defina for the Secretariat position of Senior Research Analyst and Administrator (SRAA).

Mr Defina will be joining IADI from the Reserve Bank of Australia, where he worked as a Senior Statistical Analyst within the Economic Analysis department. Here he managed the Bank’s data requirements feeding into monetary policy decision making, along with fostering statistical capability development and driving innovation in analytics, business intelligence and data visualisation. Mr Defina was also the Australian representative coordinating data submissions to the Bank for International Settlements. Prior to this, he worked as a Senior Statistician at the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Mr Defina holds a Master of Applied Statistics and Bachelor of Science (Statistics) / Bachelor of Commerce (Actuarial), both of which were awarded by Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.

He will become a member of our team as per 1 July 2018, for a four-year term, and we look forward to working with him during the busy IADI year ahead!
Ramadhian Moetomo, joined the IADI Secretariat in May 2018, and is the first secondee from the Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation (IDIC).  Mr Moetomo began at the IDIC, initially as a Bank Examiner, in October 2013 and was involved in a number of bank resolution, mainly for rural banks in Indonesia. Later, in October 2017, he became a senior member of IDIC's newly established International Affairs Group, where he attended discussions amongst financial safety net partners members at a national level. In addition, he worked alongside the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, on projects such as arranging an international seminar, and the provision of technical assistance.

Prior to his employment at the IDIC, Mr Moetomo spent over 16 years working in the Indonesian banking industry, at banks of various sizes and within a diverse range of roles.
Myeonghee Song joined the IADI Secretariat in April 2018 from the Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation (KDIC). Her 12 years' experience at the KDIC covers a breadth of areas including international affairs, risk management of savings banks, and developing a differential premium system. 

Following the failures of more than 20 savings banks in Korea in 2011, Ms Song supported the amendment of the Enforcement Decree of Depositor Protection Act, facilitating the expansion of KDIC's authority to encompass independently examine savings banks. Further, she assisted with publicating a White paper on the causes of savings banks' insolvency, produced jointly with Financial Services Commission, Korea. Based upon her experience, she was assigned on work of Korea's first differential premium system, in 2014.
New Positions and Recruitment
The Secretariat is currently inviting applications for two secondee positions of Research Analyst, both of which will be based at the IADI Secretariat in Basel, Switzerland. Further details may be obtained by contacting the Secretariat.

In addition, due to an increased contribution to IADI from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), we will shortly be advertising for two new roles at the Secretariat. The roles are a Finance and Administration Specialist, and a Training position- further information will be contained within the upcoming advertisements.
Farewell to Departing Secondees
Farewell to Sangjun and Sanj - The Secretariat would like to express its sincere gratitude to the highly valued staff members who shall soon end their terms.
Sangjun Lee, of the KDIC, joined as Senior Policy Analyst at the Secretariat in June 2016. His skills have been applied to, amongst other areas, the production of presentations for the Secretary General, the maintenance of the Annual Survey database (and research based upon it), management of the FSI-Connect learning module licenses, the IADI external website, and member-only websites. In addition, Mr Lee has been responsible for the organisation and coordination of numerous IADI Training Events and Meetings during his tenure. Ms Myeonghee Song (above), also of the KDIC, has joined us to continue these critical activities of the Secretariat and Association.
Sanjeeve (Sanj) Sharma, originally a secondee from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), United Kingdom, began at the Secretariat in September 2014. Initially a Research Analyst at the Secretariat, Sanj’s role has evolved to also include aspects of legal, governance, policy, membership, communications (both internal and external), and event organisation work. His term will end on 31 August 2018, with Mr Ramadhian Moetomo (above) assuming the Policy and Communication Specialist role within the Secretariat.

Sanj’s engagement in such a wide range of the Association’s activities and the wealth of experience working with so many IADI Stakeholders over the years are highly appreciated. 

  Highlights from the International Conference Jointly hosted by IADI and the State Corporation
  Deposit Insurance Agency of Russia

  During the week of IADI Executive Council-related meetings, an international conference entitled "Deposit Insurance: Promoting Accessibility and Convenience" took place in Moscow, Russia, on 31 May 2018. The conference was organised by the State Corporation Deposit Insurance Agency of Russia and the International Association of Deposit Insurers (IADI).  
  The conference was attended by more than 150 participants from 45 jurisdictions, and was addressed by the Governor of the Bank of Russia, Elvira Nabiullina, and Mr Katsunori Mikuniya, the President of IADI, Chair of the IADI Executive Council and Governor of the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan (DICJ).

In her welcoming remarks, Governor Nabiullina pointed out that the focus of the conference was very timely as modern technologies transform the financial market, and deposit insurers should be active participants of this transformation. “The technological decisions that are implemented in the Russian deposit insurance system should make interaction of the Deposit Insurance Agency with failed banks’ depositors and creditors more user-friendly and easy. Deposit insurance payouts, filing of creditor claims and access to the results of their consideration, receipt of abstracts from registers of claims, repayment of loans and finding out the size of indebtedness…  - all such actions and requests are planned to be made in the electronic form”, said Governor Nabiullina.

In his address to the conference participants, President Mikuniya stressed the important role that IADI plays in setting standards of deposit insurance and spoke of the current phase of implementation of IADI's Strategic Goals: promoting deposit insurance system compliance with the Core Principles; advancing deposit insurance research and policy development; and providing Members with technical support to modernise and upgrade their systems.
  A number of distinguished speakers addressed the conference, including those representing deposit insurers from all over the globe, international financial organisations, central banks, and private businesses. The conference participants paid special interest to the speech of Stephen Murchison, Chair of the Financial Stability Board's (FSB's) Financial Innovation Network and Advisor to the Governor of the Bank of Canada, who elaborated on the FSB work on systematisation and analysis of developments in financial technologies (Fintech), identification of risks and benefits that arise, and development of internationally agreed approaches to the regulation of financial innovations.

During the conference sessions, the participants discussed a number of emerging issues including the implementation of new technologies, the development of communication channels for interacting with banks' depositors and creditors, and the challenges for deposit insurers arising from Fintech developments that need to be addressed. The panelists stated that accessibility of services provided by deposit insurers should be coupled with adequate measures for ensuring the safety of personal data and minimisation of losses that depositors could face.

Please kindly note that the International Conference speakers' biographies and their presentations may be found at the following site - www.iadi2018.ru. Further details of the 55th EXCO meeting may be found in the section 'Additional Events, Training, Seminars and Conferences (Jan to Jun 2018)', below.
Click the image to enlarge

Click the image to enlarge

  Key Achievements and Updates from the Council Committees (CCs) and their Technical Committees (TCs)

  Audit and Risk Council Committee (ARCC) - chaired by Sonja Lill Flø Myklebust, Norway
  • Audit Plan, Phase II, for the IADI Website Relocation and Enhancement Project - revised plan agreed upon and the choice of supplier advised upon.

  • IADI Financial Statements and the Secretariat's Quarterly Reports on the Statement of Activities and Financial Position for the FY 2017/2018 from Q2 until the end of Q4 - review has been completed and recommended to EXCO for approval.

  • The IADI Audited Financial Statements and the Secretariat’s Report on the Statement of Activities and Financial Position for FY 2017/2018 – review has been completed and recommended to EXCO for approval.

  • Investment Guidelines Report (including Investment Guidelines for FY 2018/19) - review completed and recommended to EXCO for approval.

  • External Auditor Rotation Policy - the procedure and quotations have been reviewed and recommended to EXCO for approval.

 Core Principles and Research Council Committee (CPRC)- chaired by William Su, Chinese Taipei
  • Vice Chairperson- Nikolay Evstratenko of the Deposit Insurance Agency, Russia, was appointed CPRC Vice Chairperson for a three-year term.

  • Committee Composition- new members are Fauzi Ichsan (Indonesia), Katsunori Mikuniya (Japan), Rafiz Azuan Abdullah (Malaysia), and Diane Ellis (U.S.A.).

  • Research and Guidance Technical Committee (RGTC)- terminated 31 March 2018, and all RGTC subcommittees become CPRC Technical Committees from 1 April 2018.

  • Islamic Deposit Insurance Technical Committee (IDITC)- committee term extended and appointed Ronald Rulindo (Indonesia) as the new chairperson, both for a three-year term, until the end of fiscal year 2020. Also, the IDITC Business Plan 2018/20 was approved.

  • Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB) : IADI and the IFSB are currently working on a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in order to formally agree their collaboration to jointly develop the IADI-IFSB Core Principles for Islamic Finance Regulation: Effective Islamic Deposit Insurance System, with the aim to provide guidance on the matter specifically to the members of both organisations, and the deposit insurance sector in general.

    Both organisations will also work together to promote the implementation of prudential standards to facilitate the development of Islamic deposit insurance, and enhance awareness through knowledge sharing and organisation of executive programmes, workshops, seminars, etc.

  • Data and Survey Technical Committee (DSTC)- chaired by Eugenia Kuria Alamillo, IPAB, México, was extended until the IADI Annual General Meeting in October 2018, in order to complete the transition of duties to the IADI Secretariat.

  • Two New Research Projects- established for ‘Risk Management and Internal Control Systems of Deposit Insurance Systems’ and ‘Differential Premium Systems’, and chaired by Giuseppe Boccuzzi (FITD, Italy) and Anthony Sinopole (FDIC, U.S.A.) respectively.

  • Further to the two new projects above, drafting continues on five other research and guidance papers, covering the topics on Recoveries from Assets of Failed Banks, Purchase and Assumption, Public Policy Objectives, Financial Inclusion and Innovation, Deposit Insurers’ Role in Contingency Planning and System-wide Crisis Preparedness and Management, and Resolution Issues for Financial Cooperatives (Part II). 

  •  The following papers have been published, or will be published shortly:

  • Resolution Issues for Financial Cooperatives: Overview of Distinctive Features and Current Resolution Tools (Research Paper)

  • Shari’ah Governance for Islamic Deposit Insurance Systems (Discussion Paper)

  • Deposit Insurance Fund Target Ratio (Research Paper)

   Member Relations Council Committee (MRC)- Acting Chair is Mohamud Ahmed, Kenya
(chaired until 31 May 2018 by Kapal Kumar Vohra, India)
  • Vice Chairperson- Mohamud Ahmed of the Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation, was appointed MRC Vice Chairperson for a three-year term.

  • Committee Composition- new members are Alejandro López, (Argentina), John Chikura (Zimbabwe), and Roberto Tan (Philippines).

  • IADI Profile document- outlining IADI's governance structure, activities, Key Membership Benefits, and list of participants has been updated and translated into seven languages from the English version. Subsequently, the IADI website has been revised to make the document easier to locate- it may be found here.

  • Prioritisation of Membership Benefits and Communications Initiatives- in efforts led by Michèle Bourque, the then President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) and her colleagues, input was gathered from an MRC Working Group, the Secretary General, and almost all Regional Committee Chairpersons, regarding which of the numerous possible initiatives should have the highest priority. The following final rankings were identified as top priorities based on the responses received from all respondents:

  • Ranking No. 1- Intention to review Membership fee structure

  • Ranking No. 2- Greater use of Regional Chairpersons

  • Ranking No. 3- Surveying the specific needs of IADI Members

  • Ranking No. 4(joint)- Expand outreach to prospective Members at all major IADI conferences, training events, and regional meetings

  • Ranking No. 4(joint)- Raising Awareness on Benefits of IADI experts on DI, technical assistance, SATAPs, Capacity Building

  • Ranking No. 5- Relations with "smaller" DIs - Better tailor IADI technical assistance and capacity building  

  • MRC members and the Secretariat will use the information gathered to prioritise tasks and cost them, given the level of resources required compared to those currently available.

  • The Working Group on the Code of Ethics and Conduct- led by Giuseppe Boccuzzi, of the FITD, Italy - following consultation with Regional Committee Chairpersons and their members, the Executive Council approved the new IADI Code of Ethics and Conduct. The purpose of the Code of Ethics and Conduct is to preserve and enhance the reputation, integrity, credibility and image of IADI. It outlines the values, principles and rules of conduct for IADI, and may be found here (log in required to Members only website).

  • New Participants- the MRC is proud to note the four new participants (two Members and two Associates), as detailed below.  

  • In conjunction with the ARCC, the Finance Reserve Policy has been reviewed and recommended to EXCO for approval.

   Training and Technical Assistance Council Committee (TTAC)- chaired by Raúl Castro Montiel, México
  • Vice Chairperson- Violeta Arifi-Krasniqi of the Deposit Insurance Fund of Kosovo, was appointed TTAC Vice Chairperson for a two-year term.

  • Committee Composition- new members are Alejandro López, (Argentina), Alex Kuczynski (United Kingdom), Michelle Rolingson-Pierre (Trinidad and Tobago), Kuanyshbek Abzhanov (Kazakhstan), and Roberto Tan (Philippines).

  • EXCO approval of the Repository Project- a Working Group, led by Ms Violeta Arifi-Krasniqi, is developing a repository which will provide online access for members to the training and technical assistance materials, fulfilling the TTAC (and IADI) objective of sharing and exchanging expertise. 

  • The Repository will be set as a tab in IADI members only website storing training and technical assistance materials from each IADI knowledge event, organised in the format of conference, workshops or seminar.

  • EXCO approved the Repository Project at its meeting in May 2018, and the Working Group is currently collating relevant materials from past events, with the aim of implementing the Repository by the end of Q4 of 2018.

  • The drafting of the Manual for Planning and Conducting Training and Technical Assistance Workshops (CP Training Manual) is nearing completion, and now includes a section on the Lessons Learned and input from the recently-held Workshops.

  • Technical Assistance Workshops- are being planned in Morocco and Chinese Taipei in response to requests from the respective Regional Committee Chairpersons.

  • Core Principles Workshops are being planned.

  • Expert Training Programme for Assessing Compliance with the Core Principles- held in Naples, Italy, as described below.

  • The work of the Training and Conference Technical Committee (TCTC) currently comprises, amongst others, the CP Training Manual, facilitating Regional Technical Assistance Workshops and Core Principles Workshops.

  • The Technical Assistance Technical Committee (TATC) has produced its Final Report of the special Survey "Information request form for the IADI Registry of Capacity Building Expertise", and is working to develop a Technical Assistance Needs and Methodology to Match these with Specific Experts, along with a Topical Catalogue Webpage, which would not only allow for matching of experts but also sharing of experiences and expertise. It is also developing an Expert Registry (in partnership with the TCTC).

  • Changes in leadership for both Technical Committees- the TCTC’s newly-appointed Chairperson is Anthony Sinopole, of the FDIC, U.S.A., who succeeds Mr Fred Carns (also of the FDIC). Whilst the TATC’s newly-appointed Chairperson is Karen Gibbons, of the FSCS, United Kingdom, who succeeds Mr Alex Kuczynski (also of the FSCS). IADI would like to express its gratitude to Mr Carns and Mr Kuczynski who are long-standing supporters and contributors to the Association, and wish both Fred and Alex well for the future!



  Executive Councilmembers' departures since December 2017

The Association wishes to show its appreciation to the former Executive Councilmembers below, who have departed from the Executive Council (EXCO) since December 2017.

András Fekete-Győr, former Managing Director of the National Deposit Insurance Fund of Hungary (NDIF), was a long-standing member of EXCO, having served for four terms of three years each, between 2003 and 2018. Mr Fekete-Győr was involved as member of a steering group along with the Cross Border Resolution Group of the Basel Committee in developing the Core Principles for Effective Deposit Insurance Systems and the related methodology for assessments. In addition, he facilitated a number of self-assessments of the Core Principles in Central and Eastern Europe. Most recently, he was the Vice Chairperson of the Core Principles and Research Council Committee. The current Designated Representative for Hungary is Mr András Kómár.
We congratulate Mr Fekete-Győr for his recent appointment as the first Secretary General of the European Forum of Deposit Insurers (EFDI), and wish him well in his new role.
Kapal Kumar Vohra, former Chief Executive Officer, Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation, India, had been an Executive Councilmember since November 2015 (formally elected in October 2016). In addition to EXCO, Mr Vohra had been a member of the former Research and Guidance Standing Committee (RGC), the Sub-Committee on Resolution Issues for Financial Co-operatives, the Special Working Group on Technical Assistance, the Working Group on New Funding Options, had been a moderator at IADI Conferences and an active participant at a number of IADI events.
Perhaps most importantly, Mr Vohra had been the Chairperson of the Member Relations Council Committee (MRC) since its creation in October 2016. It was under his leadership that the MRC undertook projects such as, the compilation of an agreed list of Key IADI Membership Benefits, the Prioritisation of Communications and Membership Initiatives, a drive to increase the membership of IADI, and the transition of duties from the Finance and Planning Technical Committee (FPTC) directly to MRC.
    We would also like to make a special mention of Michèle Bourque, who has recently ended her term as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC), having been appointed to that position in 2010. Ms Bourque has supported the Association’s efforts throughout her tenure, including contributing to the IADI Leadership as an Executive Councilmember for two consecutive terms of three years, from 2010 until 2016; hosting of the 38th Executive Council meetings, held in Ottawa, Canada, in February 2013; her role as the Chairperson of the Regional Committee of North America (RCNA); and being a member of the Special Working Group on Governance, established in October 2015, resulting in the Association’s current governance structure.

Ms Bourque’s support was demonstrated right until present times where, as a member of the MRC (and TTAC), she led efforts to research and report upon the prioritisation of Communications Initiatives and Key Membership Benefits, as highlighted above. It was under Ms Bourque that the CDIC celebrated its 50th anniversary, in 2017.
IADI would like to offer best wishes for the future to all of the above.


  The IADI Annual Survey and the IADI Secretariat Research Unit


We can confirm that validation of 2017 IADI Annual Survey has now been completed. The Annual Survey had 131 responses, itself a record number, and was the first to have received responses from all IADI Members. The detailed findings of the Survey results have been uploaded to our Members only website, along with a smaller selection of the findings posted to our public website.

The 2018 IADI Annual Survey was circulated for completion toward the end of May 2018. In order that we maintain a response from all IADI Members, leading to the fullest possible dataset, we would be grateful for the return of your completed survey as soon as possible.

IADI would like to express our sincere appreciation for your continued support and commitment in participating in this year's Annual Survey. We highlight the importance of your cooperation in not only keeping the information relevant and up-to-date, but also continuing to provide us feedback on ways to improve the data collection process. Without your participation, none of this would be accomplished.

Should you have any queries regarding the IADI Annual Survey, please do not hesitate to contact us. For questions regarding the survey instructions and filling out the on-line form once received, you may contact us at IADISurvey@iadi.org

The Annual Survey efforts have been led by the IADI Secretariat Research Unit (RU), which is managed by Kumudini Hajra, IADI's Senior Policy and Research Advisor (SPRA). The RU has been involved in directing or undertaking a number of other initiatives, such as:

  • The Subcommittee on the Deposit Insurers' Role in Crisis Management and System-wide Crisis Preparedness. The draft of this paper was submitted for review and approval by the CPRC in May 2018. Once approved and any comments incorporated, it will be submitted for review by EXCO.
  • The Data Analysis, Collection, Reporting and Management System (DCARMS). The Project is intended to create a better, more user-friendly, responsive interface for those with queries, technical needs, or carrying out research, with the goal of launching the 2019 Annual Survey using the new survey tool. EXCO has in-principle approved the Proposal for the IADI Database Project, which include the following four items:
    • Proceeding with the Request for Quotation (RFQ), with grateful assistance from the Bank for International Settlements
    • Forming of a project, evaluation, and other teams
    • Hiring on a part-time and temporary basis a business analyst for the duration of the project and Tableau Consultant, when needed
    • CPRC/EXCO to approve the Project and associated costs after the Evaluation Team makes the finalised proposal
  • Working with the Data and Survey Technical Committee, in preparation for the transition of its functions and duties to the RU.

  • Participation by the SPRA in meetings and conference calls of the Resolution Steering Group (ReSG) and Cross-border Crisis Management Group (CBCM) of the Financial Stability Board (FSB) and its Work Stream on Funding in Resolution. In addition, the SPRA is working with the FSB on its implementation monitoring project to assess compliance with the FSB Key Attributes.

  • The SPRA has also given presentations on the work of the RU at various IADI Executive Council and Committee meetings, as well as during the IADI Annual General Meeting (click here for a link to the AGM presentation- eBIS login required).


 Additional Events, Training, Seminars and Conferences (Jan 2018 - Jun 2018)

54th EXCO Meeting and Joint FSI-IADI Conference- Basel, Switzerland

The 54th Executive Council (EXCO) Meeting and associated Committee Meetings were hosted by IADI on 29-30 January 2018 in Basel, Switzerland. During the EXCO Meeting, the Chair of the Working Group on the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct gave a presentation on the aims, structure and content of the newly-created Code, which was then approved and adopted by the EXCO Members. Following this, the President of IADI and EXCO Chair, Katsunori Mikuniya, presented a paper on IADI's New Funding Options, in line with the Association's Strategic Goals and Business Plan 2017/2020, and proposed to set up a Working Group in order to sort out relevant key issues following an insightful discussion amongst the EXCO Members.

Click the image to enlarge

The IADI and the BIS's Financial Stability Institute (FSI) co-hosted their eighth joint conference on bank resolution, crisis management and deposit insurance on 31 January - 2 February 2018 in Basel, Switzerland. The conference was hosted by IADI President and EXCO Chair Katsunori Mikuniya and Fernando Restoy, Chairman of the FSI. Distinguished speakers and panels from a variety of fields had a wide-ranging discussion and shared their views on the main conference theme: resolution frameworks, global resolution standards, interaction between banking supervision, resolution and deposit insurance, lessons learned from previous bank failures and future challenges.
Keynote speakers were Mark Branson (Chief Executive Officer of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority and Chair of the Financial Stability Board Resolution Steering Group), and Paul Tucker (Chair of the Systemic Risk Council and Senior Fellow at the Center for European Studies at Harvard University), with the closing remarks given by Agustín Carstens (BIS General Manager). The event was attended by close to 250 central bankers, banking supervisory officials and deposit insurers representing 130 financial authorities in around 80 jurisdictions worldwide.
Europe Regional Committee (ERC) Annual Meeting and International Conference- Naples, Italy

Click the image to enlarge

The IADI Europe Regional Committee (ERC) held its Annual Meeting and International Conference on 22-23 March 2018 in Naples, Italy, hosted by the Interbank Deposit Protection Fund, Italy. The Conference, based on the theme "Resolution and Deposit Guarantee Schemes in Europe: Incomplete Processes and Uncertain Outcomes", provided an updated picture of the Resolution processes in Europe from the point of view of banks and authorities. The purpose of the conference was to provide an update and state-of-the-art picture of the Resolution processes in Europe. The event was attended by close to 150 participants, consisting of Deposit Insurers, International and Italian Banking Institutions, and Academics. 
Expert Training Workshop- Naples, Italy

The IADI hosted its Experts Training Workshop for Assessing Compliance with the IADI Core Principles for Effective Deposit Insurance Systems (the Core Principles) on 26-27 March 2018 in Naples, Italy. Twenty highly qualified senior staff nominated by IADI Members in every region were selected to participate in training by ten Core Principles Experts.
In-depth discussions were held on a number of technical topics surrounding compliance assessment methodology, based upon case studies conducted by IADI over the last six years. They also dealt with special issues, including the application of Core Principles for private deposit insurance systems; FSB Key Attributes; and the Deposit Insurer's role in resolution regimes.

The Expert Training Program is designed to lead to recognised experts of the Core Principles, who may be utilised by World Bank and International Monetary Fund in assessing a jurisdiction's financial stability. These recognised experts could also assist with conducting Self-Assessment Technical Assistance Program (SATAP) reviews; conducting IADI workshops on Core Principles overviews and peer reviews; and conducting FSB peer reviews.
16th Annual APRC Meeting and APRC International Conference- Hanoi, Vietnam

Click the image to enlarge

The IADI Asia-Pacific Regional Committee (APRC) held its Annual Meeting and International Conference on 16-18 April 2018 in Hanoi, Vietnam, hosted by the Deposit Insurance of Vietnam. During the Conference, entitled "Small and Medium-sized Insured Institutions - What We Can Do for Them", participants shared their experience and best practices on their functions and mandates, specifically addressing critical issues pertaining to small and medium-sized insured institutions. They also discussed the application of the Core Principles and the implementation of IADI's Self-Assessment Technical Assistance Program (SATAP) in various countries. Around 230 participants from 23 jurisdictions attended this event.
3rd America's Deposit Insurance Forum and Regional Committee Meeting and Technical Assistance Workshop
     - Mexico City, Mexico
  Three IADI Regional Committees, namely the Latin America, Caribbean, and the North America Regional Committees, came together to hold their third “Americas’ Deposit Insurance Forum” and Regional Committee Meetings, in Mexico City, Mexico, on 23-26 April 2018, hosted by Mexico’s Instituto para la Proteccion al Ahorro Bancario (IPAB). With the theme of “Bank Resolution and Crisis Management: Beyond the Core Principles”, the Forum aimed to share experiences in the areas of deposit insurance, banking resolutions and crisis management. Numerous sessions - several of which included an interactive component - covered investment policy and funding, safety-net cooperation and governance, resolution planning and toolkits, resolution case studies, and a workshop on IADI Core Principle Self-Assessments.

Over 90 participants from over 20 jurisdictions attended this event, and IADI is pleased to report that the Forum and individual sessions were highly rated by participants.
11th EARC Annual Meeting and the International Seminar, Conference and Technical Assistance Workshop
     - Istanbul, Turkey

Click the image to enlarge
  The IADI Eurasia Regional Committee (EARC) held its 11th Annual Meeting, International Conference, and Technical Assistance Workshop (TAW), on 7-9 May 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey, hosted by the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (SDIF), Turkey. The Conference, based on the theme “Crisis Management: Traditional vs New Approaches”, was an insightful forum for sharing jurisdictions’ current frameworks and further approaches on how to prepare and deal with a crisis resulting from financial instability. The TAW's focus and agenda was tailored to address the specific training gaps and needs of the regional members, in implementing the IADI Core Principles, as well as proposed action plans to enhance the current crisis management structures within their jurisdictions. The events were attended by numerous participants, consisting of Deposit Insurers, International and Turkish Banking Institutions, and Academics.
55th EXCO Meeting and International Conference- Moscow, Russia

The 55th IADI Executive Council (EXCO) Meeting and associated Committee Meetings were hosted by the State Corporation Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA, Russia) from 28 May to 1 June in Moscow, Russia. During the EXCO Meeting, new Member and Associate applications from Uganda, Rwanda and Cambodia were approved. The meeting also included reports on the IADI's financial statements for FY 2017/18, research plans and papers, membership relations, and technical assistance and training initiatives. The Europe Regional Committee appointed a new chairperson, and the Asia-Pacific Regional Committee amended their Terms of Reference.

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Following the Meetings, an International Conference on the theme of "Promoting Accessibility and Convenience" was held, where discussions took place on how new technological innovations affect financial services and improve the operational effectiveness of deposit insurance systems, as well as the convenience of a deposit insurer's services. The events were attended by over 130 participants from nearly 50 jurisdictions, including high-level Central Bank officials, and national and international media organisations. More details of the International Conference may be found in the relevant section of this Newsletter, above.
Non-IADI events attended by the IADI Secretariat members

In addition to playing a key role in the events above, the Secretariat and, especially the Secretary General and the Senior Policy and Research Advisor (SPRA), have been consolidating the profile of IADI by actively participating in events organised by partner organisations. For example, the Secretary General met with European Bank for Reconstruction and Development directors to discuss future collaboration in the region and provided a lecture to the Bank of England on deposit insurance and financial stability issues. He also presented to the Bank of England’s ‘Masters in Financial Stability Programme’ on deposit insurance, financial stability and moral hazard. Both of these events took place during the first Quarter of 2018.


  New IADI Participants

Join us in welcoming newest participants, all of whom were approved by EXCO using correspondence votes in April and May 2018, with ratification approvals given at the EXCO meeting in Moscow, Russia, held on 30 May 2018.
  • Deposit Protection Fund of Uganda - new Member

    The Deposit Protection Fund of Uganda (DPFU) was incorporated in February 2016 by virtue of an Act of the Ugandan Parliament, Part XII of the Financial Institutions (Amendment) Act No. 2 of 2016. The Scheme has a pay-box mandate, and is government legislated and administered. It covers a total of 33 institutions comprising, commercial banks, credit institutions, and micro-finance deposit taking institutions. With the Fund’s six full time employees, the coverage limit applicable is 3,000,000 Ugandan Shillings - around 823 USD (exchange rate as of May 2018) - per depositor, per institution, and it targets to commence deposit reimbursement within 90 days of a bank’s failure. It is funded via an ex-ante method, using a hybrid of differential and flat rates.

    The DPFU was represented in its application by Ms Julia Oyet, the Fund’s Chief Executive Officer.

    Please note that the Deposit Protection Fund of Uganda was previously within Uganda’s Central Bank, and the Member application was triggered following the transition of the Fund into a newly-created legal entity, separate from the Central Bank.

  • Bank of Uganda - Transition from Member to Associate

    As stated above, the Deposit Protection Fund of Uganda was previously within Uganda’s Central Bank (the Bank of Uganda) and is now a separate legal entity. However, despite this development, the Bank of Uganda remains ‘part of the financial safety net and has a direct interest in the effectiveness of a deposit insurance system’, and therefore fulfils the criteria to be an Associate member of IADI.

    It its Associate application, the Bank of Uganda was represented by Mr Charles Owiny Okello, Director, Non-Bank Financial Institutions Department, at the Bank of Uganda.
  • Deposit Guarantee Fund of Rwanda - new Member

    The Deposit Guarantee Fund (DGF) of Rwanda was incorporated in November 2016 by the Law determining the organisation and functioning of deposit guarantee fund for banks and microfinance institutions (No 31/2015 of 05/06/2015). The Scheme has a pay-box mandate, is government legislated and administered, and is within the Central Bank.

    It covers 17 institutions comprising every bank and microfinance institution licensed by the National Bank of Rwanda. The coverage limit applicable is 500,000 Rwandan Francs - around 588 USD (exchange rate as of May 2018) - per depositor, per institution, and it targets to commence deposit reimbursement within 60 days of a bank’s failure. It is funded via an ex-ante method, using a flat rate system- in addition, there is provision for emergency funding from the National Bank of Rwanda, should the fund be insufficient for the reimbursement of insured depositors.

    The DGF of Rwanda Member application was formally signed by the Hon. John Rwangombwa, Governor of National Bank of Rwanda (BNR), and submitted by Mr Olivier Ngenzi, Manager of the Deposit Guarantee Fund.
  • National Bank of Cambodia - new Associate

    The National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) was established in December 1954, pursuant to the Law on the Organisation and Conduct of the National Bank of Cambodia. The IADI Executive Council agreed that the NBC satisfied the definition of an Associate and approved its participation in the Association.

    The Associate application was submitted on behalf of the NBC's Governor, Cheav Chanto.


  We thank the above entities for their applications and look forward to working more closely with them, as part of the global IADI community. As at the end of June 2018, IADI's membership included 107 participants, including 83 Members, 10 Associates and 14 Partners.

  for the full IADI Members and Participants list

  Key Achievements and Updates from various Regional Committees

A number of major events have been hosted by IADI Regional Committees since the last Newsletter, as described above, and have included Annual Meetings by the nearly all of the Regional Committees.

Asia-Pacific Regional Committee (APRC)
  • The Asia-Pacific Regional Committee (APRC) Revises its Terms of Reference, Approved by the Executive Council

    The APRC, under the new Chairpersonship of Mr William Su, revised its Terms of Reference (TORs) in order to implement the Strategic Priorities and Action Plans Committee’s action plans approved by the APRC and to enhance its sustainability and continuity. Major revisions created a standing position of the APRC Vice Chairperson, as well as establishing technical committees (TCs). The revised TORs were approved by the IADI EXCO in May 2018.
  • APRC Appoints its Vice Chairperson and Chairpersons of Technical Committees (TCs) and Approves of the Compositions of Two TCs

    Subsequent to an Expression of Interest (EOIs) process open to all regional members, the APRC appointed the following:
  • APRC Vice Chairperson : Roberto B. Tan of the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation, for a three-year term.
  • Chairperson of the APRC Research Technical Committee : Rafiz Azuan Abdullah of the Malaysia Deposit Insurance Corporation, for a two-year term.
  • Chairperson of the APRC Training and Assistance Technical Committee : Sung Wook Youn of the Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation, for a two-year term
  • Membership compositions of the above two Technical Committees.

Europe Regional Committee (ERC)
  • ERC Appoints its Chairperson and Vice Chairperson

    During the ERC’s Annual Meeting, held in Naples, Italy, in March 2018, the ERC appointed the following:
  • ERC Chairperson – Giuseppe Boccuzzi of the Interbank Deposit Protection Fund, Italy, was re-appointed as ERC Chairperson for a three-year term. This was approved by EXCO at its recent meeting.
  • ERC Vice Chairperson- Sonja Lill Flø Myklebust of the Norwegian Banks’ Guarantee Fund was appointed as ERC Vice Chairperson.
  • ERC Regional Research Paper

    Produced by an ERC Subgroup, the paper, entitled “Mind the Gap!”, is a comparative analysis between the IADI Core Principles and the European Deposit Guarantee Scheme Directive (DGSD). It has been uploaded to the IADI website and may be found here.

Middle East and North Africa Regional Committee (MENA) 
  • Facilitated cooperation and promoted dialogue among members, non- member jurisdictions, and other IADI Committees

    Examples include MENA members participating in the training programs offered by the training institute of the Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation (KDIC) and the 10th Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan (DICJ) Roundtable meeting. 
  • Outreach activities undertaken towards non-member jurisdictions

    Outreach activities have been undertaken by the Committee towards non-member jurisdictions:
  • The MENA Chairperson has been in contact with the Iraq Central Bank, who intends to establish a Deposit Insurance System(DIS) and will visit the Jordan Deposit Insurance Corporation (JODIC) to gain specific knowledge.
  • Contact maintained with the Qatar Central Bank (currently an IADI Associate), the DIS of Tunisia, and Bahrain, who have DISs, along with the United Arab of Emirates, who intend to establish a DIS. 
  • Training Initiatives

    The MENA coordinated with the Training and Conference Technical Committee (TCTC) to provide assistance in the development of effective technical assistance workshops. This resulted in the Moroccan Deposit Insurance Fund providing assistance to a MENA regional member on the topic of an effective payout system, and the Deposit Insurance Fund of Libya organising training courses in collaboration with the Banking Studies Institute covering the topics of deposit insurance and Core Principles, in the second quarter of 2018. 
  • The World Bank
  • The World Bank organised a workshop on “Recovery and Resolution Planning” in March 2018, which was attended by the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund of Turkey (SDIF).
  • Bank Al-Maghrib and the Ministry of Finance (Treasury) have benefited from World Bank Technical Assistance in banking resolution as the Moroccan authorities plan to designate Bank Al-Maghrib as a Resolution Authority.

  Upcoming Annoucements for the IADI Annual General Meeting


15-19 October 2018 | Basel, Switzerland
- To be hosted by the IADI Secretariat

The 17th IADI Annual General Meeting (AGM), Annual Conference, 56th and 56th bis EXCO Meeting, and related meetings will be held at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), Basel, Switzerland, from 15-19 October 2018.

 Theme of Conference 

The theme for this year's Annual Conference event will be ‘Deposit Insurance and Financial Stability: Recent Financial Topics.’

Financial stability, deposit insurance and related topics will be discussed from the perspective of global financial institutions and those of deposit insurers.
 Workshop: Introduction to the IADI Core Principles (The ‘CP 101 Workshop’)  

In addition to the Annual Conference, IADI is this year holding a one-and-half day long Workshop on its standard, the Core Principles for Effective Deposit Insurance Systems (the Core Principles or CPs). The CPs were originally published in June 2009, with a revised version published in November 2014. The revised Core Principles strengthened the deposit insurance standards in several areas including reimbursement speed, coverage, funding and governance, adding more guidance on the deposit insurer's role in crisis preparedness and management. The updated document also reflects the greater role played by many deposit insurers in resolution regimes while continuing to accommodate a diverse range of deposit insurance systems.

There are 16 individual Core Principles, covering a range of aspects of a Deposit Insurance System, each of which will be spoken about by prominent speakers/experts from the deposit insurance arena around the world. As well as these presentations and approaches to the assessment of compliance, the Workshop will include the opportunity for participants to discuss the use of the CPs and their challenges, during roundtable discussions.

The descriptions of the CPs and approaches to their assessment will be designed to be primarily at a working level. 
 Election of the EXCO Councilmembers 

As per our Statutes, the AGM will vote to elect Executive Councilmembers for their desired terms. The announcement for submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) from amongst the Designated Representatives to serve on the Executive Council, which, outlines the process for candidates wishing to stand for election will be circulated around 16 August 2018. Candidates should submit their EOIs no later than 7 September 2018 (for self-nominations) or 14 September 2018 (for Member nominations).

The overview of the EOIs received will be posted on the IADI internal website on 18 September, at least 30 days prior to the election. The election will be presided over by the Secretary General via secret balloting at the AGM and the results announced during the AGM on 18 October 2018.

In order to ensure widespread representation of membership in the Council, Designated Representatives of all IADI Members are welcome to stand for 2018 Election. Due to the expiry of Councilmembers’ terms, and the limit on participation on the EXCO of six years (as per the Association’s By-Laws), there will be four or five positions vacant at this year’s election.

Please note that this year there will be no regional reserved positions coming available, as all regions will continue to be represented.

Click here
to see the current composition of the Executive Council
     Advice to book accommodation as soon as possible 

To facilitate your travel arrangements, the IADI Secretariat and BIS have reserved a block of rooms for delegates at competitive rates at hotels close to the BIS. However, as the city of Basel often has popular cultural or trade events taking place throughout the year, and access secured to a limited number of rooms, it is important to reserve your hotel promptly. The preferred rates will be available at the hotels soon.

Rooms at one of the chosen hotels may be reserved during registration for the event.
 Requirements to enter Switzerland   

Citizens of certain countries and territories need a visa to visit or transit through Switzerland.

To find out if participant needs a visa to enter Switzerland, please click here. If a visa is required, it is strongly suggested to begin the process as soon as possible to avoid delays. It is the sole responsibility of the participant to obtain a visa.

An invitation letter for visa purposes may be requested during the registration process.
     Anticipated opening date of registration- and link to site 

Further information on the AGM, Annual Conference, the Core Principles Workshop, EXCO and related meetings, including useful information on the Conference agenda, accommodation rates and details of how to register may be found on the 17th AGM Website - which is anticipated to launch in mid-July 2018 (TBC).

As the events will be held at the BIS, there will be no registration fee for attendance.

  Forthcoming events (July to December 2018, plus advance notice of events in 2019)

4th Malaysia Deposit Insurance Corporation (MDIC)     
     - Africa Open House

1-2 August 2018 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
To be hosted by the Malaysia Deposit Insurance Corporation and Africa Regional Committee

For IADI Members and other interested parties, especially in the region of Africa


Middle East and North Africa Regional Committee (MENA) Annual
     Meeting and Conference

TBC September 2018 | Morocco
To be hosted by the Moroccan Deposit Insurance Corporation (SGFG) and MENA Reginal Committee


Africa Regional Committee (ARC) Annual Meeting and
     International Conference: ‘Financial Stability, System-wide Crises
     Preparedness and Effective Bank Resolution’

25 – 28 September 2018 | Lagos, Nigeria
To be hosted by the ARC and the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC)


17th IADI Annual General Meeting, Annual Conference, and ‘Core
     Principles (CPs) 101 Workshop’, 56th and 56th bis Executive Council,
     Regional, Council Committee,
and Technical Committee Meetings

15 – 19 October 2018 |Basel, Switzerland
To be hosted by IADI, the IADI President, and IADI Secretariat

The event website, including the agenda, details of accommodation, and registration pages may be found TBC.


FDIC 101: An Introduction to Deposit Insurance, Bank Supervision,
     and Resolutions

5 – 9 November 2018 |Arlington, Virginia, USA
To be hosted by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

FDIC 101 is a 5-day program designed to provide participants with an overview of the governing policies and procedures used by the FDIC to support its mandates. Information regarding the previous FDIC101 session may be found here.

Interested organisations should email FDIC101@fdic.gov to request a registration form, which must be completed and returned by 3 August 2018.

Asia-Pacific Regional Committee (APRC) Regional Workshop 

27 – 29 November 2018 | Taipei City, Chinese Taipei
To be hosted by the IADI Training and Technical Assistance Council Committee (TTAC), the APRC and the Central Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC)

Additionally, below is advance notice of further events scheduled to take place in 2019:-

57th Executive Council and Related Meetings 

February 2019 | Almaty, Kazakhstan
To be hosted by the IADI and the Kazakhstan Deposit Insurance Fund (KDIF)


58th Executive Council and Related Meetings, and IADI 5th Biennial
     Research Conference

May 2019 | Basel, Switzerland
To be hosted by the IADI


18th IADI Annual General Meeting and Annual Conference
     59th and 59th bis Executive Council, Regional, Council Committee,
     and Technical Committee Meetings

October 2019 | Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
To be hosted by the Deposit Protection Corporation (DPC), Zimbabwe, IADI President, and IADI Secretariat

(Further information for the registration of these events is to be posted on the IADI website in due course.)


  Bank for International Settlements – Annual General Meeting 2018 and Annual Report 2017/2018

The host organisation of IADI, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), held its 88th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 24 June 2018. A panel discussion took place during the AGM, involving a number of heads of Standard Setting Bodies and addressing two topics: (1) implementation progress for recently finalised standards (e.g. core principles) and related policies; and (2) any standard setting activities related to technological advancements and cyber-risks. The presentation given by IADI’s Secretary General Walker may be found here (log in to the Members only site may be required).

The BIS now publishes separately its Annual Report (BIS activities and financial performance) and Annual Economic Report (commentary on the global economy). Both the Annual Economic Report and the Annual Report- which this year contains a chapter on Cryptocurrencies- were released immediately following the BIS Annual General Meeting.

Links to the BIS Annual Report and BIS Annual Economic Report may be found here.

  New postgraduate degree, MSc Banking, Regulation and Financial Stability, commencing September 2018- Prof Schaek

On behalf of Dr Klaus Schaek, Professor of Banking and Finance, and member of IADI’s Advisory Panel, we would like to announce the commencement of a new postgraduate degree in the area of Banking, Regulation and Financial Stability. The programme, which will take place at the University of Bristol, United Kingdom, is now open for applications and is due to take its first cohort in September 2018, with Dr Schaek as the Programme Director.

This is an innovative MSc (Master of Science), designed to be far beyond a traditional banking and finance degree; and shall be the only one of its kind in the UK with a distinctive focus on banking regulation, supervision, compliance and risk management. The programme, Dr Schaek states, is excellent preparation for careers in banking and financial services. It will also appeal to recent graduates who are already working in financial services and wish to specialise in banking and financial regulation, as well as those who intend to continue to PhD research in this area.

For further information, including relevant contact details and programme content, please click here: MSc Banking, Regulation and Financial Stability | Study at Bristol | University of Bristol.

In addition, candidates offered a position on the programme will automatically be considered for a scholarship, as long as the academic excellence criteria are met- please see here:

The International Association of Deposit Insurers (IADI) was formed in May 2002 to enhance the effectiveness of deposit insurance systems by promoting guidance and international cooperation. Members of the IADI conduct research and produce guidance for the benefit of those jurisdictions seeking to establish or improve a deposit insurance system. Members also share their knowledge and expertise through participation in international conferences and other forums. The IADI currently represents 83 deposit insurers, 10 Associates and 14 Partners. The IADI is a non-profit organisation constituted under Swiss Law and is domiciled at the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland.