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Welcome to the IADI's e-Newsletter

IADI is pleased to provide the next issue of its e-Newsletter. The e-Newsletter keeps you up-to-date on information about IADI activities from August to December 2016, as well as on IADI upcoming activities.
This issue includes:

Introductory Message from David Walker,
IADI Secretary General

Announcements of New Secretariat Members

Highlights from the 15th Annual General Meeting
  Highlights from the 15th IADI Annual Conference 

Additional Events, Training, Seminars and Conferences
(Aug 2016 - Dec 2016)
New IADI Participants

Forthcoming Events (Jan to Jun 2017)

Acknowledgement and Celebrations of Members’ Anniversaries

  Let me express my sincere appreciation to all IADI Members, Associates and Partners for your efforts, and support, in the furtherance of IADI’s mission over this past year. The IADI Secretariat looks forward to contributing to the advancement of IADI in 2017.

We look forward to seeing you at the meetings in Tokyo, Japan, from 13-17 February 2017, which will encompass the 51st Executive Council Meeting, APRC Technical Assistance Seminar, and the DICJ-IADI International Conference, hosted by the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan.

The entire IADI Secretariat Team wishes you the very best of success for the forthcoming year!

     David Walker 
   Secretary General
   International Association of Deposit Insurers

   Introductory Message from the IADI Secretary General, David Walker

  Welcome message from New Secretary General, David Walker  

  David Walker was appointed Secretary General on 1 October 2016, for a four-year term. Mr. Walker joined IADI from the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) where he spent over 20 years in roles of increasing responsibility in insurance, risk assessment, policy development and international affairs. Immediately prior to beginning his IADI tenure, Mr Walker held the position of Managing Director of the Executive Office and International Affairs.

Mr Walker is highly familiar with IADI and its work, having been closely involved with IADI over a long period of time. For example, since 2008, he has chaired the IADI Guidance Group and been Vice Chair of the Research and Guidance Committee. He was instrumental in developing IADI’s first deposit insurance standards, the Core Principles for Effective Deposit Insurance Systems (Core Principles), as co-chair of the Basel Committee-IADI Working Group in 2009. He also chaired an international joint working group that developed the Revised Core Principles, published in November 2014.
  In addition, Mr Walker has been active in representing IADI on the Financial Stability Board (FSB) Resolution Steering Group and participating in the development of the FSB Key Attributes of Effective Resolution Regimes and its associated guidance and assessment methodology. He has also worked with the IMF and World Bank on their Financial Sector Assessment Program reviews and various technical assistance projects in over 30 jurisdictions.  
  Recognition of the former Secretary General, Gail Verley  
Gail Verley was Secretary General of IADI from 1 October 2013 until 30 September 2016. During her tenure, she made key contributions in increasing IADI membership to 83 Members, 10 Associates and 14 Partners. In addition, she provided critical support and assistance in the development of the IADI Core Principles and in producing the joint conference with the Financial Stability Institute (FSI) focusing on Crisis Management, Bank Resolution and Deposit Insurance, which is now a key program offering of the FSI, bringing together all safety-net organisations to discuss and debate these critical issues. As one of the originators of the programme in 2009, the importance of this conference today reflects the growing role of IADI to participate in global financial stability discussions. Ms. Verley was particularly active in developing the framework for a stronger Secretariat to support the Association’s growing needs.

   Announcements of New Secretariat Members

Sangjun Lee, a Secondee from the Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation (KDIC), began at the Secretariat in June 2016, taking over from YoungWoon Kim. In Sangjun’s 12 years at KDIC, he has worked in areas such as, Deposit Insurance Policy, Risk Management, Asset Recovery and International Affairs. He has conducted research on various aspects of deposit insurance, as head of interagency coordination on joint examinations and information sharing among safety net participants. During his tenure as Senior Manager of the Asset Recovery Department at KDIC, he worked on the end-to-end recovery process for collateralised real estate.
Takayuki Suzuki, a Secondee from the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan (DICJ), started at the Secretariat in July 2016. Before this, he served as Director of the International Organisations Team, within the International Department of the DICJ, where he worked closely with other financial safety net partners in Japan and other jurisdictions. Whilst at DICJ, Mr Suzuki also managed research focusing on developments related to deposit insurance and failure resolution systems, especially in the United States and Europe, in addition to monitoring the progress of international discussions, including at the G20 and FSB forums, on resolution of failed financial institutions.
The recruitment process for the newly created Secretariat position of Senior Research Analyst and Administrator (SRAA) was initiated in the Summer of 2016 and IADI received around 160 applications. The interview process is currently underway and is expected to be completed in early 2017.

   Highlights from the 15th Annual General Meeting

IADI held its 15th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 27 October 2016 in Seoul, Korea.
Hosted by the Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation (KDIC), IADI held their 15th Annual General Meeting, Annual Conference, 50th EXCO and 50th bis meetings in Seoul, Korea, on 23-28 October 2016. During his opening remarks to the Annual General Meeting (AGM), the Association President and Chair of the Executive Council (EXCO), Mr Thomas Hoenig, thanked IADI members for their active support of the Association, and for their participation in the AGM and related activities in Seoul. He went on to summarise the Association’s achievements, noting how Association participation had increased to 107 participants including 83 Members, 10 Associates and 14 Partners.

AGM speakers included, Marina Moretti, Division Chief, Monetary and Capital Markets Department, International Monetary Fund; Jan Nolte, Senior Financial Sector Specialist, Financial & Markets Global Practice, World Bank; Kumudini Hajra, Senior Policy and Research Advisor, IADI; Fred Carns, Chairperson of the former Training and Conference Standing Committee, IADI; and Yee Ming Lee, Chairperson of the former Data and Survey Standing Committee, IADI.
Elections for the Executive Council Composition and EXCO Councilmembers Departures Since July 2016
In the elections held during the AGM, the following Members’ Designated Representatives were elected to the Executive Council to fill the 17 vacancies that had arisen;

    • Mohamud Ahmed- Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation
    • Violeta Arifi-Krasniqi- Deposit Insurance Fund of Kosovo
    • Giuseppe Boccuzzi- Interbank Deposit Protection Fund (Italy)
    • Patrick Déry- Autorité des marchés financiers (Quebec, Canada)
    • Nikolay Evstratenko- State Corporation Deposit Insurance Agency (Russian Federation)
    • Jorge Castaño Gutierrez- Fondo de Garantías de Instituciones Financieras (Colombia)
    • Zaher Hammouz- Palestine Deposit Insurance Corporation
    • Marija Hrebac- Croatian Agency for Deposit Insurance and Bank Resolution
    • Umaru Ibrahim- Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation
    • Hugo Libonatti- Corporación de Protección del Ahorro Bancario (Uruguay)
    • Raúl Castro Montiel- Instituto para la Protección al Ahorro Bancario (Mexico)
    • Sonja Lill Flø Myklebust- The Norwegian Banks' Guarantee Fund
    • Noel Nunes- Deposit Insurance Corporation (Trinidad and Tobago)
    • İlhami Özturk- Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (Turkey)
    • Zdzisław Sokal- Bank Guarantee Fund (Poland)
    • William Su- Central Deposit Insurance Corporation (Chinese Taipei)
    • Kapal Kumar Vohra- Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation (India)

  They shall act in the best interests of the Association and the majority shall serve for a three-year term, effective from the date of the AGM.  

Mohamud Ahmed

Violeta Arifi-Krasniqi

Giuseppe Boccuzzi

Patrick Déry

Nikolay Evstratenko

Jorge Castaño Gutierrez
Zaher Hammouz

Marija Hrebac

Umaru Ibrahim

Hugo Libonatti

Raúl Castro Montiel

Sonja Lill Flø Myklebust

Noel Nunes

İlhami Özturk

Zdzisław Sokal

William Su

Kapal Kumar Vohra
  The remaining Councilmembers are:

    • John Chikura- Deposit Protection Corporation (Zimbabwe)
    • Thierry Dissaux- Fonds de Garantie Dépôts et de Résolution (France)
    • András Fekete-Györ- National Deposit Insurance Fund of Hungary
    • Bumgook Gwak- Korea Deposit Insurance Fund
    • Thomas Hoenig- Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (USA)
    • Yee Ming Lee - Malaysia Deposit Insurance Corporation
    • Hiroyuki Obata- Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan
    • Cristina Orbeta- Philippines Deposit Insurance Corporation

As mentioned within the last newsletter, five Councilmembers’ terms on EXCO had ended since December 2015. In addition, the following Councilmembers’ terms had ended since July 2016 and these were:

    • Mu’taz Barbour- Jordan Deposit Insurance Corporation
    • Michele Bourque- Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation
    • Sakir Ercan Gül- Savings Deposit Insurance Fund of Turkey
    • Adela Hounie- Corporación de Protección del Ahorro Bancario (Uruguay)
    • Yury Isaev- State Corporation Deposit Insurance Agency (Russian Federation)
    • Azad Javadov- Azerbaijan Deposit Insurance Fund
    • Alex Kuczynski- Financial Services Compensation Scheme (United Kingdom)
    • Patrick Loeb- esisuisse (Switzerland)
    • Alejandro López- Seguro de Depósitos Sociedad Anónima (Argentina)
    • Lorenzo Meade- Instituto para la Protección al Ahorro Bancario (Mexico)
    • Josef Tauber- Financial Market Guarantee System (Czech Republic)

 Mu’taz Barbour

Michele Bourque

Sakir Ercan Gül

Adela Hounie

Yury Isaev

Azad Javadov
Alex Kuczynski

Patrick Loeb

Alejandro López

Lorenzo Meade

Josef Tauber

  The participation of these individuals in the leadership of IADI will be greatly missed. Each has served diligently to advance the Association’s mission and objectives.  
Revised IADI Governance Structure
  IADI has expanded significantly since its establishment in 2002. Membership has grown to 83 deposit insurers, representing over 70% of jurisdictions with explicit deposit insurance systems. IADI is now recognised as an international standard setter, with the Core Principles for Effective Deposit Insurance Systems (Core Principles) incorporated into the FSB’s global Compendium of Standards. The World Bank and IMF now use the Core Principles to assess deposit insurance systems and the financial stability frameworks of countries across the globe.

As the recognised international standard setter for deposit insurance, IADI is disseminating the Core Principles, as well as meeting the challenges of the evolving global financial system, while assisting our Members and international partners to incorporate these new standards into their current activities. As with all standard setters, IADI must enhance its role in research and policy development, monitor developments within our membership and strengthen the support for its Members.
“IADI Strategic Goals: The Way Forward”
  In light of the above, strategic discussions on IADI’s future were initiated, commencing firstly in November 2014 by the EXCO and the Governance Committee (GC), prior to continuing at various meetings throughout the course of 2015. The EXCO and the GC members' discussions included an in-depth review of the strategic direction of the Association, its structure, and its resource base. The review revealed that in fulfilling its vision to share deposit insurance expertise with the world and promote best practice, the Association’s activities had become increasingly diverse - encompassing a gradual enhancement of research, data collection, training and technical assistance, as well as communications and outreach efforts.

In recognition of these successes and the desire to advance IADI as the authoritative voice on deposit insurance, the EXCO identified three strategic goals for the five years (2015-2020):

    •  promoting deposit insurance system compliance with the Core Principles;
    •  advancing deposit insurance research and policy development; and
    •  providing members with technical support to modernise and upgrade their systems.


  In addition, the “IADI Strategic Goals: The Way Forward” concept paper” was drafted, detailing the activities and proposed strategy for achieving these goals over the course over the near and medium term.    
Three Special Working Groups
Immediately upon his election as President of the Association and Chair of the Executive Council, in October 2015, Mr Thomas Hoenig established three Working Groups (WGs), consisting of EXCO Members, to look at specific aspects of the Association with a focus of helping to achieve the revised Strategic Goals. The WGs established were, the Working Group on a Differential Fee Structure, the Technical Assistance Working Group, and the Governance Working Group (GWG). Chaired by Alejandro López, Chairperson of the Latin American Regional Committee (LARC), the GWG examined the roles, functions and structure of IADI’s governance bodies (EXCO, Standing and Regional Committees) with the goal of identifying potential changes to advance the Association’s implementation of its Strategic Goals.
Accepted Proposals and New Governance Structure
The GWG reported its findings and proposals to EXCO at their meeting in May 2016. These proposals, along with the details of their implementation, were refined and discussed further on the next occasion that EXCO met on 22 September. The key points of the agreed- upon model were:
  • EXCO to adopt an approach similar to a Board of Directors, providing or approving strategy and governance rather than focusing on detailed operational matters.

  • The Secretary General to be tasked with the strategic planning and execution/ implementation of the agreed-upon strategy, as approved by the EXCO.

  • Creation of Council Committees (currently known as Standing Committees), to replace the seven Standing Committees that had existed, to provide oversight of the association’s priorities and objectives, and the work of the then Subcommittees. The four Council Committees (CCs) comprised one Council Committee for each of the three Strategic Goals above, and a fourth Council Committee to provide oversight for audit and risk:-

  1. Audit and Risk Council Committee (ARCC)- chaired by Cristina Orbeta, Philippines

  2. Member Relations Council Committee (MRC)- chaired by Kapal Kumar Vohra, India

  3. Training and Technical Assistance Council Committee (TTAC)- chaired by Raúl Castro, Mexico

  4. Core Principles and Research Council Committee (CPRC)- chaired by William Su, Chinese Taipei

The Council Committees, although predominantly made up of EXCO Councilmembers, will also include Designated Representatives of non-EXCO Members.
  • Technical Committees, currently known as Subcommittees, established to undertake the work of the CCs. Both EXCO and non-EXCO members, including their staffs, may serve on Technical Committees.

  • Regional Committees providing a stronger voice to the regions and establishing greater two-way communication between the regions and EXCO. Further, Regional Committees to retain their right to self-determination, i.e. whether or not two Regional Committees make a decision to merge.

Presently, the four CCs have been established, CC Chairpersons have been appointed by EXCO (as stated above), and Expressions of Interest for membership positions on the four CCs have been issued.
Annual Research Plan
During the recent Annual General Meeting in Seoul, Korea, IADI’s new Senior Policy and Research Advisor (SPRA), Ms Kumudini Hajra provided an outline of her plans for research activities of IADI going forward.

Ms Hajra began by explaining the role of research and policy within the context of the Association’s revised Strategic Goals (above), detailing her main responsibilities which include directing the day-to-day management of the Association’s development and articulation of IADI-generated deposit insurance and financial stability policy and research, ensuring quality control on the collection, use and interpretation of data, and participating on behalf of the Association in relevant meetings and conferences. She went on detail her ideas for research and policy work including for the coming years, for example, dissemination of research and the strengthening of the IADI database. She placed strong emphasis on orienting research work to suit the needs of our Members.

to see the presentation. (Requires log into the IADI Member-only site.)

Deposit Insurance Organisation Awards
During the Annual General Meeting, IADI recognised the achievements of its Members by presenting Deposit Insurance Organisation (DIO) Awards.

The award recipients were:
  • Deposit Insurance Fund of Kosovo- Core Principles & International Participation - in recognition of efforts made by the DIO to comply with the Core Principles by carrying out evaluations of compliance or making modifications to ensure conformity with the CPs, as well as the organisation’s international activities.

  • Albanian Deposit Insurance Agency- Deposit Insurance System Improvement - which acknowledges the substantial improvements an organisation implemented to enhance its efficiency, broaden their mandate and powers or improve compliance with international best practices.

  • Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation- Achievement in Banking Resolutions & Payouts – under which IADI recognises a significant achievement of a DIO that handled or experienced the resolution and/or payout of one or more failed financial institutions.

Additionally, the Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation was selected for the Deposit Insurance Organisation of the Year Award, as an IADI Member with outstanding achievements in, and self-nominated for, all three categories. In its submission, the Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation had evidenced how it had successfully dealt with a series of bank failures in recent years. It has created a differential premium system and a special resolution fund to support its new, expanded role as the systemic bank resolution authority for Kenya.


   Highlights from the 15th IADI Annual Conference

Hosted by the Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation (KDIC) on its 20th year anniversary, IADI held its 15th Annual Conference in Seoul, Korea, on 26-27 October 2016, and was attended by over 180 participants, representing around 70 jurisdictions worldwide.

The IADI Annual Conference theme was “Gearing Up for the Next Crisis”, and featured presentations and panel discussions by top policymakers, deposit insurers and prominent academics to discuss, debate and provide insights into key issues affecting the global economy, financial stability and deposit insurance.

Mr Bumgook Gwak, Chairman and President of the KDIC, welcomed the participants to the Conference. He discussed how almost eight years had passed since the global financial crisis of 2008, before outlining the regulatory reforms to fix the fault lines that had led to that crisis. However, he noted increasing concern about the possibility of another financial crisis due to heightened uncertainties in global economic and financial markets. With this backdrop, the Conference would focus on three key topics: how to encourage financial institutions to manage themselves in a safe and sound manner; building more effective crisis response mechanisms in cooperation with other financial safety net partners; and the types of emerging funding frameworks that would help a Deposit Insurer to successfully deal with a crisis.

In his opening remarks, IADI President Mr Thomas Hoenig, highlighted how important deposit insurance has become in providing stability as public policy evolves. He also stressed the critical role IADI plays as it engages in policy discussions around how to prevent future financial crises and what changes should be made to prepare for and manage potential crises. Mr Hoenig concluded by noting the special opportunity conference attendees would have to consider the progress we have made and the shortcomings we must still address in ensuring financial stability.

Conference attendees were also privileged to be addressed by Mr Eun-bo Jeong, Vice Chairman of the Financial Services Commission, Korea. During his congratulatory address, he recognised IADI for its remarkable achievements over the years. Taking note of the changes in global financial markets and the repetitive nature of financial crises, he strongly urged participating deposit insurers to enhance their ability to prevent a crisis, build effective crisis response mechanisms and have stronger co-operation.

Keynote speakers were Mr Jeung-hyun Yoon (Former Minister, Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Korea), who spoke on the possibility of another financial crisis and ways to avoid it, Mr Iftekar Hasan (Fordham University, USA), who gave his thoughts on the role of the deposit insurer in dealing with a crisis, and Mr William White, who elaborated on crisis management and deposit insurance.

to visit the official events page.  

  Additional Events, Training, Seminars and Conferences (Aug 2016 - Dec 2016)

APRC Technical Seminar

APRC Technical Seminar on Enhancing Asset Recovery- the Asia-Pacific Regional Committee (APRC) held a Technical Seminar from 15-17 August 2016, in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, hosted by the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Mongolia (DICoM). The event included sessions on, the Legal Structure and Framework on Asset Recovery on Failed Banks, Effectiveness of Various Tools and Mechanisms for Asset Work-Outs and Recoveries on Problem Banks, Developing and Strengthening Secondary Markets for Non-Performing Loans in Emerging Markets, and Emerging Challenges and Issues for Deposit Insurers on Asset Recovery in the Aftermath of The Financial Crisis. The Technical Seminar brought together senior representatives from across the region.

ARC Annual Meeting and Conference
ARC Annual Meeting and Conference- from 1-3 September 2016, the Africa Regional Committee (ARC) held their Annual General Meeting and Conference in Zanzibar, Tanzania, hosted by the Deposit Insurance Board of Tanzania. The theme of the Conference was “Deposit Protection and Mobile Money”, a theme which has become increasingly relevant within the Africa region and globally, especially as mobile money has strong links to financial inclusion within emerging economies. In addition to presentations by the World Bank and regional Deposit Insurers, a key note speech was provided to delegates by the Governor of the Central Bank of Tanzania. A link to the event may be found here.
49th EXCO- Basel, Switzerland- the 49th EXCO Meeting, was held on 22 September 2016, in Basel, Switzerland. Further to the one-to-one consultations held with the large majority of the EXCO members, as well as several Non-EXCO members, by the incoming IADI Secretary General, the focus of the meeting was to discuss the Association’s governance changes and refine implementation plans. A link to the event may be found here (Requires log into the IADI Member-only site.)
15th Annual General Meeting, Annual Conference, 50th EXCO and 50th bis meetings- in Seoul, Korea, on 23-28 October 2016. See sections 3 and 4 for more details on the Annual General Meeting and Annual Conference, respectively. A link to the events may be found here.

FSI-IADI Joint Conference
FSI-IADI Joint Conference- From 6-8 December 2016, IADI and the Financial Stability Institute (FSI) co-hosted their seventh Annual Joint Conference on Bank Resolution, Crisis Management and Deposit Insurance Issues, in Basel, Switzerland. The Conference brought together more than 200 delegates from safety-net organisations from around 75 jurisdictions, including central banks, resolution authorities, bank supervisors and deposit insurers. During the conference, experienced speakers from various jurisdictions provided valuable insights in the areas of early warning and intervention systems, resolution tools such as Bail-in and TLAC, case studies on the Lehman failure and Cyprus, and a number of other issues on deposit insurance and financial stability.


  New IADI Participants

Join us in welcoming IADI’s New Member, the Nederlandsche Bank.
  • De Netherlandsche Bank (DNB)

    The Deposit Guarantee Scheme, which is part of the De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), Netherlands, is governed under the Bank Act 1988 and the Act on Financial Supervision. The Scheme has a pay-box mandate with extended but still limited roles and powers, and is government legislated and administered. It covers commercial banks and has 51 member institutions, as at 31 December 2015. As part of the European Union, many of the Scheme’s rules and practices follow those of the European Deposit Guarantee Scheme Directive, as amended.

    DNB’s membership in IADI was ratified by EXCO at its meeting in September 2016, and it was represented in its application by Mr Sven Stevenson, Policy Coordinator Deposit Insurance, International Financial Architecture Department, Financial Stability Division at the DNB.
  As at the end of December 2016, IADI’s membership included 107 participants, including 83 Members, 10 Associates and 14 Partners.

for the full IADI Members and Participants list.   

  Forthcoming Events (Jan to Jun 2017)

51st Executive Council Meetings, Asia-Pacific Regional Committee (APRC) Technical Assistance Seminar, and International Conference: “The Changing Environment and Deposit Insurers”

13-17 February 2017 | Tokyo, Japan
To be hosted by the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan (DICJ)

A link to the official event webpage may be found here. (Please contact the DICJ Secretariat for access)

IADI Technical Assistance Workshop with Middle East and North Africa Regional Committee (MENA) and Africa Regional Committee (ARC)

27-30 March 2017 | Casablanca, Morocco
To be hosted by the IADI Training and Technical Assistance Council Committee (TTAC) and the Société Marocaine de Gestion des Fonds de Garantie des Dépôts Bancaires (SGFG), Morocco


Europe Regional Committee (ERC) Annual Meeting and International Conference

5-8  April 2017 | Bari, Italy
To be hosted by the ERC and the Interbank Deposit Protection Fund (FITD), Italy


Second Americas’ Deposit Insurance Forum & 14th Latin America Regional Committee (LARC) Annual Meeting

24-26 April 2017 | São Paolo, Brazil
To be hosted by the Fundo Garantidor de Créditos, Brazil

52nd Executive Council Meetings

29-31 May 2017 | Basel, Switzerland
To be hosted by the IADI Secretariat

4th IADI Research Conference: Designing an Optimal Deposit Insurance System in the wake of Financial Crisis – Theory and Practice

1-2 June 2017 | Basel, Switzerland
To be hosted by the IADI Secretariat and IADI Training and Technical Assistance Council Committee (TTAC).

This Research Conference is held every two years and is a highlight on IADI’s research calendar of events. A call for papers, sent out in December 2016, may be found here.

Additionally, below is advance notice of further events scheduled to take place in 2017:-

15th Asia-Pacific Regional Committee (APRC) Annual Meeting and International Conference

Week of 17 July 2017 | Yogyakarta, Indonesia
To be hosted by the APRC and the Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation

16th IADI Annual General Meeting and Annual Conference

53rd and 53rd bis Executive Council, Regional, Council Committee and Technical Committee Meetings

8-13 October 2017 | Québec City, Canada
To be hosted by Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF)


Africa Regional Committee (ARC) Annual Meeting and International Conference

November 2017 (TBD) | Naivasha, Kenya
To be hosted by the ARC and the Kenya Deposit Insurance Corporation

(Further information for the registration of these events is to be posted on the IADI website in due course.)

  Acknowledgement and Celebrations of Members’ Anniversaries

IADI congratulates the following Members on their anniversaries in 2016.

Deposit Insurance Corporation   Trinidad and Tobago (30th)
  Deposit Guarantee Scheme   Slovenia (25th)
Deposit Insurance Board of Tanzania   Tanzania (25th)
Fondo de Seguro de Depósitos   Peru (25th)
  Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund   Romania (20th)
Bank Deposit Security Fund of Sudan   Sudan (20th)
Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation   Korea (20th)
Swedish National Debt Office   Sweden (20th)
Deposit Guarantee and Investor Compensation Foundation PCC   Liechtenstein (15th)
Fondo de Garantia de Depósitos de las Instituciones Financieras (FOGADE)   Nicaragua (15th)
Fondo de Seguro de Depositos (FOSEDE)   Honduras (15th)
Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation Ltd   Singapore (10th)
The Brunei Darussalam Deposit Protection Corporation   Brunei (5th)
Deposit Insurance Fund of Kosovo   Kosovo (5th)

The International Association of Deposit Insurers (IADI) was formed in May 2002 to enhance the effectiveness of deposit insurance systems by promoting guidance and international cooperation. Members of the IADI conduct research and produce guidance for the benefit of those jurisdictions seeking to establish or improve a deposit insurance system. Members also share their knowledge and expertise through participation in international conferences and other forums. The IADI currently represents 83 deposit insurers, 10 Associates and 14 Partners. The IADI is a non-profit organisation constituted under Swiss Law and is domiciled at the Bank for International in Basel, Switzerland.