Systems under Development

IADI member organizations are frequently called upon to provide counsel addressing the establishment of a deposit insurance systems. Please contact IADI Regional Chairpersons for assistance and information through IADI Service.

1. Angola 2. Bhutan 3. Cambodia
4. Costa Rica 5. Curacao and Sint Maarten 6. Ethiopia
7. Gambia 8. Georgia 9. Ghana1
10. Grenada 11. Israel 12. Kuwait
13. Lesotho 14. Liberia 15. Malawi
16. Mauritius 17. Mozambique2 18. Myanmar3
19. Namibia 20. New Zealand4 21. Pakistan
22. Panama 23. Qatar 24. Rwanda
25. Saudi Arabia 26. Senegal 27. Seychelles
28. South Africa 29. Syria 30. Swaziland
31. Tunisia 32. Turks and Caicos Islands 33. United Arab Emirates
34. Zambia    

(Updated 26 August 2016) 

1  The Deposit Insurance Bill has been adopted by the Parliament and is awaiting presidential assent. The Bill provides for the establishment of a DPS and the Deposit Protection Corporation.

2 In Mozambique, the Deposit Insurance Fund was created by the decree in 2010. The Fund is not in operation so far.

3 Deposit insurance is provided by Myanmar Insurance Agency, the state-owned enterprise as a representative of government. No rules and regulations for deposit insurance. If bank is bankrupt, the government will reimburse.

4 Deposit Insurance Scheme in New Zealand was introduced as provisional scheme in response to Financial Crisis. No deposit insurance in place today.